Bastyr Dinning

So I just got home from school, yes at 9pm(!), so this post is gonna be a little quick since I am so beat! This morning started with me popping out of bed and hitting the treadmill for a 30 minute interval run. I knew I wouldn’t have time tonight!!

20121001-NOW 002

Luckily, I had gotten up early enough so I had time to cool down after my workout before diving into this awesome candy corn shaped bowl (YAY October!) of steaming hot gluten-free cereal cooked with ground flax and a chopped-up pluot. It was delicious with a spoonful of White Chocolate Wonderful PB, golden raisins, and toasted walnuts.

Then my good friend, Danae, picked me up for class (did I mention I’m carpooling now. Screw you bus!), and we had a decent organic chemistry lecture.


Today for lunch I finally got to try the Bastyr cafeteria! Oh my goodness. It was delicious and, surprisingly, decent in price since I got the vegetarian half-portion. This came with Stuffed Summer Squash, Lentils mixed with beets and chard, & a wild Rice Pilaf. I’m not gonna lie, it didn’t look like enough food so I also nabbed a dessert: vegan and gluten free banana cashew pudding! GENIUS. Pretty much just blended banana, cashews, maple syrup, nutmeg, and cinnamon and completely delectable.

Everything was outstanding and whole foods. ❤ The non-vegetarian plate came with a fresh crab cake that Danae said was superb.


After lunch we had a long and boring A&P lecture. You know when you have one of those professors who you can just tell is a research professor and is not used to teaching? Yeah. That’s what we have. He was all over the place. I pretty much gave up on taking notes and am going to just learn from the book. =/ To stay awake, I sipped on this short cup of coffee mixed with cream and Stevia but I hardly drank half before my stomach went sour.


We had a break from 3-6:30pm, so we headed to the library to work on studying with a bar of chocolate. ~.^ That’s right, our university bookstore sells this high-quality dark chocolate (forest mint) right inside! I stuck with two pieces and got to work.


Around 5pm, we headed back to the cafeteria to meet some folks for dinner and chat. Since I purchased lunch, I brought my own dinner in a jar. The very last of my teriyaki tofu stir fry mixed with a serving of harvest grains. It was tasty and filling and really needed to be eaten since it had been in my fridge for a week! Oh I also ate a somehow unpictured pluot!


The reason we were at school so late was due to a Non-Violent Communications workshop we had to attend. During it, I sipped on some Brain-Work-Better-Tea. I grabbed an oatmeal raisin cookie but honestly didn’t want it…until the very end of the class when my stomach started to clench in pain! Since apparently it needed it, I ate it up and damn was it good. ~.^

Anyway, as you can see eating at Bastyr is a real treat!


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