Skimping By

Ug! I wish I could tell you all that my ordeal with the bus company was fixed today, but it was not. After a lot of phone calls I eventually just went to my credit card company and filed a dispute. Let me just say it’s not okay to take someone’s money and not give them what they paid for! It’s even less okay to then tell them they don’t have the authority to ask for it back. –_-

With this whole bus thing falling through, I’m very happy that I have a new carpool buddy in my new friend, Danae!

20120926-NOW 001

I was up early this morning to make it to the bus on time though. I decided it was way too early for a workout so I just showered and ate a very simple breakfast of 1/2 cup (and the very last) of the Cranapple oil free granola with skim milk, a cut-up pluot, and a sprinkle of walnuts. Not very heavy but…

20120926-NOW 002

I had the other half of my Venti quad shot, nonfat, 1/2 the pumps mocha, no whip Salted Caramel Mocha I got yesterday with my free drink card at Starbucks! I thought I could use the extra pep this morning but I ended up being totally too jittery in my first class! Maybe espresso is not for me in the A.M.

I DID buy new coffee though so I’m exited to use that tomorrow.

I’m also very excited about my Cultural Perspectives on Food class I had today. My first project is on the history of: peanut butter! Yes, I somehow got my favorite food. I’ll be sure to share with you all what I find.


By lunch time my stomach was absolutely growling. I know I need more filling breakfasts but I’m waiting for the month to change. I’ve already gone over on my grocery budget as it is. >.< I devoured lunch without even tasting anything. I just needed something in me before I passed out. In this jar was: harvest grains, massaged dino kale, roasted golden beets, and toasted walnuts. It didn’t taste great.

I also ate a delicious sweet pluot and a carrot. I know I know. I need to cook some new food.


After a few hours of studying and yelling on the phone (we had a break from 12-3 today), I enjoyed this Luna Protein bar: Chocolate Cherry Almond. Surprisingly tasty and not too chalky.

When I got home around 5:30pm (That’s right, my A&P lab goes until 5!), I hit the gym for a sweaty 30 minute interval treadmill run at 1.0 incline. I’m getting better and I like it. ^_^

20120926-NOW 003

When Chase got home we had a free for all for dinner. He ate a pint of Ben & Jerry’s Cinnamon Bun ice cream and I finished off my yummy veggie pizza and a big ol bowl of roasted beets with ICBINB and salt.

For dessert I ate the last of my Ben & Jerry’s fro-yo too. =P Studying makes me soo ravenous!

Anyway, this was a nice break from studying but it’s back to O chem now. =/


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