Don’t Panic.

Bleh. It’s the last weekend before school officially starts and I am already freaking out a little bit. We had our first “class” today (it only meets every few weeks) so I already have a paper to write! No, it doesn’t seem like it’s going to be a hard class but it’s all the other impending classes that I’m freaking out over. Plus the volunteer work. Okay..not going to think about it and just try to enjoy my weekend!

20120921-NOW 002

So today I was up early to hit up my class at 9am. I had a delicious breakfast of pumpkin overnight oats mixed with maple syrup and a pinch of pumpkin pie spice and topped with almond butter, toasted walnuts, and dried cherries.

You know, when I make pumpkin pie oatmeal I usually use a ton of pumpkin pie spice, but since I only used a little in this creamy concoction I could really enjoy the true pumpkin taste instead. And it was good! I highly recommend it.

The class/orientation was somewhat fun. We broke up into our mentor groups and ended up doing a scavenger hunt all over the school so we could get to know where all the resources were.


Afterwards we had lunch in the chapel. I enjoyed a yummy slice of veggie pizza from Jet City Pizza, some salad with an amazing school-made herb vinaigrette, and some fruit. It was light but I was too busy chatting.


It also made it so I had room for a Salted Caramel Mocha later at the Alderwood Mall with Chase! Again, I got 1/2 the  pumps of mocha, nonfat, no whip, but this time a tall! Yeah I really like this flavor so I went all out. It was totally worth it. Chase and I browsed the mall sipping our coffees thru straws (avoid teeth staining!) and totally feeling like Seattleites. ~.^

20120921-NOW 003

When we got home around 5pm I had a little snack (using one of my new mugs I found at the Daiso Japan store for only $1.50!) of coconut lime biscotti and skim milk. How cute is this mug!? Yes I know the lid is to keep your tea warm but I just had to try it out. ^_^ The side of the cup says “If you want…”

20120921-NOW 008

Vinni thought it was a little ridiculous. Yeah he sat on the back of my chair and stared the whole time.

20120921-NOW 011

Dinner around 7:30pm was on the grill. Grilled escarole with a little yogurt blue cheese dressing and croutons, and a vegan Boca burger on an English muffin and topped with red onion, pickles, and Chase’s dad’s homemade BBQ sauce. Yes this meal was huge and I couldn’t eat all of the salad. It was a fun farewell to the grill though which I am cleaning up and storing tomorrow. Goodbye summer grilling. T.T

My workday tomorrow was cancelled so I intend to take full advantage of this real weekend with: reading syllabuses, working out, finishing my leisure book, preparing easy meals for next week, and cleaning up the apartment.

What are your weekend plans?


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