I’d say today was a success. ^_^ I am so excited about my nutrition program I cannot wait for classes to start next week!

My day started with getting up early to drive Chase to work so I could have the car to get to orientation. I rolled right out of bed, threw on my gym clothes and got in the car. Yes it was pretty.

20120918-NOW 002

I also grabbed a jar of overnight oats to eat in the car because my stomach was growling! It had half a fresh peach mixed in and was topped with almond butter, golden raisins, and toasted almonds.

When I got back from Bellevue I was determined to get my workout done with. The plan was to run so I had a lot of time to cool off and get ready for orientation, but the running gods did not want me to! First off, I couldn’t find my interval sheet with my timing and speeds all written down (it had fallen out in the apartment). I decided that that was okay, I’d try something new since I had other interval workouts in my bag. Then, once I started the machine and hit play on my iPod nano (Ivana is her name)…it flickered and died! Gods be damned! Huffing in anger, I rushed back to the apartment, grabbed my Kindle, then spent 60 minutes hill stationary biking. Yarg!

20120918-NOW 003

Around 12pm I got my lunch together: the last of the asparagus and potato salad and the last Morningstar Farms corn dog. I then texted Chase this: “Can I have a courage cookie?” Yeah I know I shouldn’t use food to make me feel better, but it really did help! I was so worried about orientation.

It went great though. I’m so excited and I even made a friend from Kalispell, MT! We were the only two Montanans there. ^_^ I’m a little worried about being able to give this program my all though. I need 150 hours in volunteer work (50 clinical, 50 food service, 50 community) and I’m just not sure I can fit that in with my job. =/ We shall see…


After orientation, I did a few errands since I had the car (I will be making pickles and biscotti soon!!), and snagged a tall Cool Lime Refresher when I passed Starbucks. Have you heard about the new changes they are making to their rewards program? I am ticked! No more free syrups definitely puts a dent in my “Starbucks on the cheap plan”. I think once my card runs out this time I won’t be refilling it, at least for awhile.

20120918-NOW 004

When I picked up Chase from work I was s-t-a-r-v-i-n-g. I definitely went too long without food. Due to this hunger, I made a not extremely smart decision on asking Chase if he wanted takeout. Of course he did! We ended up at Sakura Teriyaki which is right down the street from our apartment. I got Teriyaki Tofu which came with a mound of white rice, very bland tofu, and a side salad with coleslaw dressing. I added a pile of steamed green beans…and scarfed down the whole damn thing! O It really wasn’t that tasty, but I was just soo hungry!

20120918-NOW 005

Three hours after my epic meal, I still was hungry for a biscotti and milk! I’m seriously done now. Now I just want my textbooks to arrive (THANK YOU AMAZON! Made my textbooks $200 instead of $600!) so I can start learning!

Tomorrow: my first bus ride on my new route and a full day of orientation!


2 thoughts on “Orientation

  1. Yay!! Glad your day went good! Stinkin starbucks they make so much money off of this sucker! It’s all about the perks, and free syrup is a biggie! Boo!!

  2. Congrats Robyn w your new U! Send us photos of the campus. I hear it’s quite pretty. Boo Starbrats. I hope everyone will boycott it. Can you do your volunteer hrs during vacations?

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