Nervous Cookies

I am very very excited for my first bit of orientation at Bastyr University tomorrow but I’m also a bit nervous! So nervous, I really don’t feel like I have a “voice” to write this post so forgive me if I’m terribly dull. xx

20120917-NOW 001

This morning I shot up at 6:30am with my alarm clock because I had a mission: eat breakfast of whole wheat toast with Earth Balance Crunchy PB, TJ’s Organic Raspberry Jam, and ground flax with a ice cold glass of skim milk so I had fuel to: get in my 30 minute treadmill interval workout! Mission accomplished! =D I love getting these early morning workouts in and done with.


And in honor of that success I got a coffee at work in Bellevue. ^_^ This was such a smart rule set by me. No workout? No coffee then! Workout = Coffee.

Today I got a doppio espresso with 1/2 pump Pumpkin Spice, 2 inches of hot water, and a splash of cream. Mmm. This baby was barely a $1 due to my awesome use of coupons and avoiding fees by ordering smartly.

  • 1/2 pump of syrup/sauces = free
  • doppio cheaper than a short American plus a shot


Around 12:30pm, my office manager told me to go on lunch since she could hear my stomach growling. P I “roar” when I need food! So off I went with this delicious lunch I packed: mason jar full of Mediterranean couscous, red onion, lettuce, golden raisins, toasted almonds, and (what I’m now referring to as) lime vinaigrette. I’m in love with this salad! I also ate an egg muffin, a Schoolboy Granny Smith, and a little piece of Seattle’s Chocolates. Light and healthy.


And then my co-worker, Crystal, sweetly bought everyone in the office a giant cookie! O.O Hell yes. And since she now knows I hate chocolate baked goods, she got me a vanilla sugar cookie. It was divine.

20120917-NOW 003

I’m glad I ate it too because we didn’t get dinner all ready until 7pm!

Love: I love garlic bread. I can’t turn it down.

Hate: I hate how this delicious bread is always pretty much served with a giant bowl of simple carbohydrates (pasta)!

Solution: I nixed the pasta. This is a big bowl of an entire zucchini, sliced thin on my mandolin, sautéed in EVOO, garlic, S&P, and onion then mixed with a little tomato sauce and topped with fresh basil. I also threw in a handful of Morningstar Farms Meatballs (Bleh. Won’t buy these again. Trader Joe’s are so much better.) I enjoyed this giant bowl of vegetables with the delicious slices of garlic bread. ^_^ Brilliant!

20120917-NOW 001-2

And then later Chase had me bake him another batch of those tear and bake Nestle cookies and I ended up having one with milk. I’m telling you, “Nervous Cookies”! I’m so worried about tomorrow!!

Anyway, I’m seriously done eating for the night so…goodnight!

5 thoughts on “Nervous Cookies

  1. Hey Robyn!
    I am so excited for you!! I know school will be difficult at times, but you have already proven successful because of the fact that you actually moved to a different state to pursue your dream of being a nutritionist. It’s really awesome to have followed you from practically day 1. I have learned a lot from you and so appreciate your support with my journey. Life is all about trial and error, and cookies 🙂 well all dessert!! I think you are doing a fantastic job. Just know someone in San Diego is cheering you on!!!

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