A Doggie Party

Tonight was soo much fun. ^_^ I can’t wait to tell you all about it. But first…

20120915-NOW 001

Breakfast of overnight oats with 1/2 a banana and topped with sunflower seed butter, golden raisins, and toasted almonds. Thank gods this was already made because I was DEAD this morning. Seriously. Chase was all kissing me goodbye (told him to wake me when he left) and I was like Are you serious?! It can’t be 8am yet!


So once I walked the 2 miles to work I knew coffee was a must. I got a short ristretto nonfat, no whip, pumpkin spice latte and filled up my water bottle. (shown for scale ~.^) Mm I love fall flavors.


Lunch was surprisingly downright delicious. Salad in a jar! Layer of Mediterranean couscous at the bottom, cut up fresh leaf lettuce, red onion, golden raisins, and a spoonful of lime Riesling grapeseed oil/elderflower apple lime vinegar. HOLY DELICIOUS. I didn’t expect it to be good, hence the small size (this jar was not close to full nor packed), but I was blown away. Next time I’ll add more lettuce and add nuts to it for some protein. I also ate the Larabar Pineapple Upside Down Cake which was decent. I’m not a huge fan of this kind of cake in the first place but I figured I’d give it a try.


The light lunch didn’t keep me going for too long. A few hours later I had a snack of a Schoolboy Granny Smith and a baggie of Treasure Trove Trail mix. I didn’t want to go diving into the candy drawer because…

20120915-NOW 003

Chase and I had a birthday party to go to!

20120915-NOW 007

For a beautiful dog named Lucy. ^_^ Chase’s boss, Whalen, has the cutest little dogs that he throws birthday parties for! My kind of party! When Chase and I get a dog, we are totally doing this.

20120915-NOW 014

For dinner I started with a glass of Mountain Dew (it was all they had..) mixed with a little amaretto liquor. I’d much prefer wine/mead! The food part consisted of: cucumber, carrots, Boca Flame Grilled Burger topped with pickles and ketchup, my favorite asparagus and potato salad, and a side of nachos!

20120915-NOW 015

I loovee nachos but never eat them so I went back for a little more with more cucs.

20120915-NOW 016

After chatting and dinner it was Birthday Girl trivia time! Yeah that’s right. They put together this trivia quiz for Lucy asking questions about her like her sign, her favorite things and such. Guess who won? ^_^ I test really well. $15 Starbucks Card in the bag! I may be poor right now, but some how I keep being able to refill my Starbucks card.

20120915-NOW 025

Next up: cake time! This is the small dog cake baked specially for Lucy and the other three tiny dogs. They loved it!

20120915-NOW 029

And of course there was cake for the humans as well. Chase and I split this small slice of white cake. It was too sweet!

Anyway I had a blast meeting new people. They were all so friendly and funny. I hope we get to do more with them in the future and hope, someday, I will have my own dog to bring along too. ./longing

What’s the strangest birthday party you’ve been to?


2 thoughts on “A Doggie Party

  1. I was living with my well to do adopted grandparents & we threw a surprise B- days party for Bonnie,their Sheltie. We invited their well to do son & his wife. You should have seen their teeth fall out when they realized what the occasion was. Boy did we laugh when our guests had left!

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