New Things

Man I was out like a light late last night and didn’t officially get up until after 10am this morning! OThat is crazy for me! I was soo tired.

20120914-NOW 001

Of course, by the time I got up I was hungry for breakfast. Luckily, I had a jar of overnight oats with a Fire Dapple pluot already made. I topped it with almond butter, dried cherries, and toasted almonds and chowed down. Love!

20120914-NOW 002

I also made a cup of the new coffee I grabbed at Target: Dunkin’ Donuts Toasted Almond! Sounds good right? Well I need to remind myself to just go with the bold coffee instead of the flavors. It’s just…not coffee enough for me! I mixed it with some of the vanilla bean creamer I made but it just couldn’t improve it enough. I drank half and dumped the rest.

20120914-NOW 003

Around 2pm Chase convinced me we should make lunch. I attempted to make a wrap with this new Flatout Light bread, CSA lettuce, red onion, slicing tomato, Dr. Preager Veggie Burger, and salsa. BLEH! Nothing can make these burgers taste good. I managed to scarf this down (while it fell apart), but it was not an enjoyable experience. To get the taste out of my mouth, I cleaned it with a Schoolboy Granny Smith apple.

20120914-NOW 004

I got in a bit of reading today and while I read I gave into a chocolate craving. Sometimes it just has to be done. Afterwards though, I hit the gym for a 30 minute interval treadmill workout. Friday’s are normally going to be my rest day since it’s the only day Chase and I will have off together, but since we have plans tomorrow night I decided to get the workout in today. It felt great!

20120914-NOW 005

Dinner at 7 was filled with veggies! Grilled: lettuce, Gypsy Sweet peppers, onion, Boca burger, and a side of Mediterranean couscous all dressed in my new favorite vinaigrette.

20120914-NOW 006

Speaking of things I bought recently, I also found this Sky River Honey Mead at Fred Meyer the other day. I decided to give it a try tonight. Verdict: It’s a bit thinner than the mead I really loved at AFK Tavern, but it’s definitely drinkable!

20120914-NOW 007

Later, my dessert craving still wasn’t fulfilled and I allowed myself a non-fruit chocolate dipped biscotti with skim milk! Hey, it is my weekend after all!


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