I got up super early this chilly (Ha ok not really compared to MT winters…) morning to fit in my 30 minute treadmill interval workout before work. I can proudly say I did it and it made me feel better throughout my entire day.

20120911-NOW 001

First though, because I can’t workout on an empty stomach (unless I’m swimming), I toasted up the last slices of my Breakfast Blast, smeared one with PB&J and one with ICBINB, and enjoyed them both with a mug of skim milk. I’m gonna miss this Great Harvest bread! Maybe I should find my own local one…=/

Then I was at the gym pounding the pavement(?).


How did I manage to get my butt out of bed? Well I’ve decided I only get to get my morning coffee if I get my workout in first! HA! That sure motivated me. I got a short nonfat ristretto latte with one pump classic. It was exactly what I was feeling. Check out my awesome new lunch bag my favorite cousins Chris & Gloria got me in Hawaii!


At noon I was beyond hungry for lunch. I had the rest of my leftover TJ’s Chunky Minestrone soup, some fresh cucumber slices, and an Asian pear homegrown by my amazing co-worker, Jaycee. It was the best Asian pear I’ve ever had.

There’s my lunch bag again. ~.^ Believe it or not I got a compliment from a random stranger on it! THEN, a lady with almost the same bag sat down in front of me! It was like a Hawaiian Hello Kitty Lunch Bag meet up!


I knew I’d be tempted to dip into the bags of chocolate and sweets they always have lying around at the Bellevue office, so instead I planned ahead and brought a healthier snack of Treasure Trove Trail mix and a perfectly ripe banana. Mmmm Mmm!

After work today I walked to Chase’s work and then we headed to do some errands around Bellevue. After Best Buy (Chase is looking into finances for the new TV he’s been saving up for months) and the Bellevue Square Mall (needed to get a birthday present for a dog birthday party(!) we’re invited to on Saturday and refill my Oil and Vinegar bottle), we headed out to eat with a Google Offers deal I’d purchased a few months ago.


Oma Bap is a fast, casual, Korean restaurant serving up yummy bowls of Bibimbap! This is a traditional Korean rice dish (brown rice for me) served with a variety of seasoned vegetables, egg, and protein (mine was tofu!) that is mixed all together with a special spicy Korean sauce. It was pretty yummy! I bought a $10 deal that got us two meals and two drinks so I ended up sipping on a little Coke Zero too. I couldn’t eat the whole bowl, though I tried, so there will be some leftovers for tomorrow’s lunch! (That also spilled all over my purse..-_-)

Overall, Chase and I enjoyed it and would definitely go back. I don’t see me craving it ever though…

20120911-NOW 002

When we got home I felt like I needed a palette cleanser (it was a little oily due to the sauce you put on yourself), so I ate another Asian pear with water. ^_^ Man I hope Jaycee gives me more!

I hope you are all having a great week and are looking forward to Hump Day! Yay for Wednesday!

Have you tried bibimbap?


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