Cleaning Up

So I’ve been feeling not so happy about my food choices lately but today I felt pretty good.

20120908-NOW 001

Chase’s alarm didn’t go off this morning so we were a little rushed to get to work! I quickly threw together a bowl of Greek yogurt, ground flax, oil-free apple cranberry granola, a pluot, and a drizzle of almond butter. I think I was too generous on the granola though because I was stuffed!

Next I booked it to work with my own two feet. ^_^ I know I sometimes bitch about the amount of time it takes to walk some places or how sweaty I get, but I really do love it. There’s a really unique sense of accomplishment using your own body as your transport.


Once down in Juanita Village I grabbed a short Starbucks Anniversary Bold Roast drip coffee with two pumps cinnamon dolce syrup and a splash of cream. I remembered Ashton telling me I needed some sort of size comparison in my coffee photos so, bam, my water bottle lid (bottle was being filled)! I always think I need more coffee but really 8oz is plenty.


Lunch around 12:30 was not really what I wanted. I really wanted to make a simple sandwich with all the fresh  produce I have bursting in my fridge but I had no time so I just grabbed leftover linguine mixed with veggies, basil, EVOO, and a pinch of parmesan. It was soo filling I couldn’t finish it all. I did fit in my pluot afterwards though and can happily say I did not put one finger in the candy drawer!

It was pretty hot today (mid 80s) so when I got home I put on my suit and hit the pool! For once,  I was the only one there…which I thought was great since I could actually swim laps then but turned out being really bad since I ended up psyching myself out and cutting my workout short by 5 minutes. I just kept thinking I saw a flash of something next to me, or heard someone scream underwater, or kept getting started by a random splash that was not my own! Too many shark movies lately I guess. Whatever Still, my legs got a decent workout.

20120908-NOW 005

I got my produce in for dinner tonight, though! Grilled Boca burger topped with cheese, tomato, red onion, and pickles, and “wrapped’ in lettuce! It totally fell apart though so it was more like a burger salad. I tried to grill some purple carrots too but they didn’t turn out so well. I ate one and saved the rest for another meal when I have time to rework them.


Random: Chase and I were silly and tried his tie on the babies. >.> How cute would they be with mini ties all the time!?

20120908-NOW 007

So remember that intense cookie craving I’ve been having? Well, realizing why I was having it really helped me understand it. It’s the week before my period and I always crave more baked sweets during this time. Soo, accepting this, Chase and I went on an evening stroll to Trader Joe’s and grabbed some Chocolate Almond Biscotti. ❤ I ate three with skim milk. Hey, my cookie craving is now abated. I think I’ll freeze the rest that way I won’t feel like I need to eat them.

I’m really trying to clean up my eating. No more junk candy at work. No more handfuls of chips as snacks. Center meals around the veggies. And, after tonight, only fruit as dessert! I think not eating out as much will really help my budget and my body too.

What are you going to do to clean up your eating?


5 thoughts on “Cleaning Up

  1. Dessert! I am really going to try to eat dessert more as a splurge something for the weekend than my usual 7 days a week habit. That way I feel like i’m eating more balanced nutrition. That’s my goal anyway.. Why as women do we have to have so many damn cravings?? Stupid hormones! And dont even get me started on TJ’s sweets I love all of them, so you made a good choice with the bisotti.

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