1st CSA

I apologize for yesterdays lame post. –_- I was soo damn tired I almost didn’t post at all. Today was much better though since it was a day off!

20120907-NOW 002

I didn’t get to sleep in though since I had an appointment in Bellevue to get to. Remember how I tried teeth whitening a few weeks ago? Well I decided I was unhappy with the results so I let Matt (the owner) know and he decided to give me a free treatment to help get them whiter! Since I was just gonna be sitting in the dark I didn’t shower or anything. Just toasted a slice of Breakfast Blast, smeared it with PB&J, and drank it down with skim milk.

I can honestly say I feel happy with my whitening results now. =) I’m really glad I let the guy know or I would have been just another disgruntled customer. Now I just need to remember to drink my coffee and tea with a straw!!

When I got back home I had an amazing surprise waiting for me!

20120907-NOW 003

I finally joined a local CSA, New Roots Organics, and today was my first box!

20120907-NOW 004

I’m just doing them bi-weekly which is good since damn there was a lot of produce! I’m so excited to eat it all.

After putting away my new food I laced up my shoes and hit the gym for a solid 30 minute treadmill interval run. It felt sooo good and I’m so glad I made myself do it.

20120907-NOW 008

When I got back and showered Chase and I tried to decide what we wanted to do with ourselves on our only day off together. Leave the house or relax and stay in? We let Ophie make the decision for us. She likes to sit on my shoes when she doesn’t want me to leave the house. HeartStaying in it was!

20120907-NOW 009

For lunch, I dove into my new produce and made a little snacky plate. Sweet Gypsy peppers, cucumber, purple carrots(!), peach, and tortilla chips along with jalapeno Greek yogurt dip and edamame hummus. I ended up eating more chips, but overall a healthy lunch.

20120907-NOW 014

Ophie high-five for staying home!

I spent the day playing computer games, writing Yelp reviews, looking at recipes, and watching Netflix. It was awesome to relax.

20120907-NOW 017

For dinner I had to stick with non-staining foods so I made some linguine with sautéed onion, spinach, and sweet peppers, tossed with EVOO, S&P, parmesan, and fresh basil. Plus the last of my meatless meatballs for protein. Delicious! With a glass of my last little bottle of Moscato wine.

20120907-NOW 018

I’ve been craving a cookie all day but I made due with a little baggie of French Toast Squares in a little skim milk for dessert. Seriously though, I’ve been dying for a cookie for awhile now. I need to get to the store so I can bake something amazing!

Are you apart of a CSA?


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