To the Fair!

Wow yesterday turned out to be a really busy day for us, even though when we woke up we didn’t have any plans!

20120901-NOW 001

We started out with the free breakfast at our motel where I made some of the Three Sisters Chia Spiced oatmeal I brought, added a spoonful of their peanut butter, and enjoyed a glass of milk. It wasn’t pretty but it did the trick.

20120901-NOW 013

And then we were off to the L.A. County Fair!

20120901-NOW 002

This was only the second day of it being opened so they had this amazing special where we got in for only $1. Surprised smile That’s pretty much unheard of now days!

20120901-NOW 003

Due to this amazing cheapness, the place was packed! And oh it was sooo hot and sunny. I forgot how much I don’t like the California sun. It’s so harsh!

20120901-NOW 009

These three: Uncle Randy, my dad Ron, and Aunt Marlene were my fair buddies today and we had a great time browsing the shopping and exhibit areas and seeing all the interesting gadgets. I did a good job of not purchasing anything though besides my smooshed penny for my collection!

20120901-NOW 004

20120901-NOW 005

20120901-NOW 007

I can happily say that I think I managed to find the healthiest food at the fair amidst all those fried goodies. For lunch I had a delicious char broiled corn on the cob with just a little salt! I am so buying some corn when I get back home and trying it out on my new grill.

20120901-NOW 010

And while trying some crazy fried Oreos or Twinkies would have been an interesting experience…

20120901-NOW 012

I went with a frozen chocolate banana with peanuts instead. ❤

20120901-NOW 014

After a long day in the sun and heat, we somehow ended up with amazing dinner plans with close to my entire family! I didn’t get a picture of the group shot (need someone to email it to me!) but we had almost 20 people at Seafood Town Chinese Restaurant. For a girl that it’s rare to even eat with two other people, this is huge!

We ordered a ton of vegetarian dishes since I’m no longer the only one in our family. ^_^ I had some white rice, tofu with spinach, Chinese broccoli, green beans, and the most amazing eggplant dish I’ve ever eaten. I normally hate eggplant but this is the only thing I wanted (and had) seconds of!

As a side note, I love how Seafood Town gives you these very small appetizer plates to eat from. I found this small plate of food (plus a few more pieces of eggplant (nasu)) was plenty to fill me up but not stuff me.

20120901-NOW 015

So I had room for some ice cream!! ~.^ Handles Homemade Ice Cream was a must stop according to my cousins and I was very happy to agree. I’d had a major ice cream craving all day! I got a single of Spouse Like a House: vanilla ice cream mixed with swirls of peanut butter and chocolate covered peanut butter filled pretzels. Yes you read that right. It was crazy decadent and I will say by the end I felt a little sick but it was still good.

20120901-NOW 016

After dessert our caravan headed back to the very nice hotel most people are staying at for the wedding. (We chose the cheaper option.) The little bar in the lobby was just closing down for the night when we arrived but when my cousin Casey told him we had 20 people coming he nicely opened back up and we made it worth his while! I got a glass of Layer Cake Cabernet Sauv. I was also bought another glass but I just couldn’t drink it. I’m getting old!

Anyway need to get ready for more fun and family today!

Do you like fairs?


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