Okay okay, so I didn’t go to Hawaii today, but I went in the right direction. ~.^

20120831-NOW 001

Before hearing west however, I woke up with my alarm (man 8am came way too early) and had a yummy breakfast of coco banana overnight oats topped with White Chocolate Wonderful PB and dried cherries.

I’m glad I had this little beauty ready for me because as soon as I was done eating it was go go go. I had to shower and finish packing for my trip to California!

20120831-NOW 003

Once we got on the plane around noon my dad (he flew in from Missoula and we met in the Seattle airport to head to LA) and I split these veggie spring rolls we bought inside. They really weren’t great but I was s-t-a-r-v-i-n-g.

20120831-NOW 004

I somehow made due with two glasses of cranberry juice and a packet of snack mix throughout the flight.

20120831-NOW 010

And then I was greeted by my favorite cousin, Raiden!! He quickly took my mind off my growling stomach, which is good since we didn’t have dinner (waiting for people to get there) until 7pm!

He has grown soo much since I last saw him for his birthday in June! He’s crawling and just a bundle of energy now! I’m blown away by how fast kids develop.

20120831-NOW 019

By dinner, I didn’t care what I was eating as long as I was eating. We went to King Hawaiian Restaurant and, famished, I ordered one of the only things on the menu I could eat: Macnut Curried Mahi Mahi (Our mahi has a breading of curry seasonings, panko, and chopped macadamia nuts. Served with our own curry sauce, pickled baby bok choy, and sweet potato hash.) Yes I normally only eat salmon, but today I made an exception and was reminded that yes, I should stick with salmon. It was just too fishy! I did eat about 1/3rd of the fish and all the veggies and potatoes along with 1.5 of their famous rolls.

20120831-NOW 020

After our Hawaiian meal our next stop was a Hawaiian dessert! Get Shaved is an awesome Hawaiian shaved ice chain that offer all the crazy Hawaiian options! I ended up splitting this small lime and coconut shaved iced filled with red beans and mochi and topped with some condensed milk with my dad. It was good! I might pick a filling that goes with the toppings a little better next time, but I loved it. Hawaiian shaved ice just is no comparison to the modern snow cone. I want to try again!

Anyway I am super beat after this day of travel. Tomorrow is just one more day to chill out and see family before the big wedding we are all down here to attend.

P.s. I’m feeling hungry again! >.> I wish I had snacks!

Have you tried Hawaiian Shaved Ice?


Keeping with the theme I ate this Luna Chocolate Dipped Coconut bar after posting!

20120831-NOW 001-2

Hunger gone!


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