Back to the Grill

Boy we had a rough night last night all crammed into the bedroom since the living room got it’s “dusting”. We ended up giving Vinni another bath after midnight because he was just going crazy scratching. =(

20120830-NOW 001

So due to that drama, we slept in until about 9am today and it felt good. I was also really glad I had breakfast all made and ready for me because I was not in the mood to cook. These overnight oats had frozen blueberries and maple syrup soaked into it and was topped with a scoop of sunflower seed butter and golden raisins. Mmm mmm. I think the key to these overnight oats in a jar is just using my bigger pint jars over the half pints. It just makes it easier to mix toppings in and make them more satisfying!

We had errands to run today, one of which was an early trip (not quiet September yet…) to Costco. Chase had absolutely no food in the house so it was a must.

20120830-NOW 002

I of course saw this amazing Jalapeno yogurt dip (from last year…) and let myself get it!! Along with the most addictive chips ever, tortilla! >.> When we got home around 1pm I was so hungry I munched on them and sortof ruined my lunch appetite. Whoops. I think what I need to do is portion all this out so I can enjoy it in moderation.

20120830-NOW 009

So for lunch I had Morningstar Farms Chicken Nuggets (for the record, not nearly as good as Quorn) with honey, grilled zucchini, and a pluot that I was too full to eat. The drink is a cherry Bawls which is a delicious energy drink. I sipped it throughout the day. Don’t worry, these are a rare treat!

The rest of the day was spent getting pills for the kittens flea problems, doing huge amounts of laundry, getting in around a 30 minute tread/catch swim, and packing for my trip tomorrow!

20120830-NOW 011

Around 5pm, I got hungry again. >.> And snacked on some more chips and dip. This time, at least, I portioned some out and didn’t eat directly out of the bag! Good idea.

It wasn’t until after 7:30pm that we had dinner using…


…our new grill! Our apartment complex doesn’t allow for open flame grills, so my amazing father got us a no-flame electric grill! It arrived in the mail today and we got right to testing it out with lunch and dinner. Chase even bought a nice steak!

20120830-NOW 012

Dinner was BBQ grilled Quron cutlet and zucchini and the last of the harvest grain salad. Yummy! I can’t wait to try grilling corn on this.

20120830-NOW 016

For dessert I made a big mug of chocolate milk. ❤

The kittens are doing sooo much better after having the anti-flea pills. They have been passed out all day, finally getting a break from the constant flea irritation. ❤ My poor babies.

I leave for California tomorrow and I am super excited to see all my family! Hopefully I”ll be able to post tomorrow night but if somehow I can’t get a connection I’ll be back late Monday night! Have a great holiday weekend!


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