Delayed Celebration

So some of you may have wondered why on Monday August 27th, my boyfriend Chase’s birthday, why we didn’t go out and celebrate it!? Well that’s because the restaurant he choose wasn’t open on Monday’s so we had to put off the celebratory dinner until tonight! But let’s get through the rest of my day first…

20120829-NOW 002

This morning I splurged quiet a bit. In honor of Chase’s big day I’d bought him some Mini (no clue why they are called mini! They are pretty darn big in my opinion…) Cinnamon Buns at Trader Joe’s. Chase loves cinnamon rolls! He had one for breakfast and raved about how good they were so of course I had to try one. I heated it up in the oven until it was all gooey and warm and devoured it with a big glass of skim milk.

A-m-a-z-i-n-g. It was love on a plate. Definitely saving the rest for him though!

Right after eating it I laced up my tennies and hit the gym for 60 minutes hill stationary biking. Yeah, that had to help burn some of it off!

20120829-NOW 004

So I mentioned our flea problem last night and some of you may be wondering what we’re doing about it. Well we bought a carpet powder and powdered our room which has to sit for 24 hours. So last night was slept on our air mattress in the living room! We also have some flea medicine on the babies, and while Ophelia seems to be doing better, Vinni is still itching away. =(


For lunch today I had leftover pad see ewe with green beans and a pluot. I did end up nibbling on some candy from the candy drawer throughout the evening. >.< Must work on that. I really didn’t want to because…


We had plans to try out the Japanese restaurant right near our apartment, Izumi.


For this guy’s delayed birthday! (Yes he hates me taking photos of him…)


The moment we walked in Izumi’s door I felt right back in Japan. The smell alone was super authentic (bleh dashi) as was the atmosphere (very casual service) and décor (stuffed into a small space). We started with some plum wine.<3


Then had some salad with onion dressing and some sunomono. I skipped my miso soup. I hate dashi (fish stock) and miso soup just makes me gag.


For my entrée I ordered the salmono shio yaki dinner. (Atlantic salmon broiled with salt). Very very simple but oh so delicious. I ate the whole thing!


Since it was Chase’s birthday, I told him to get whatever he wanted so he went crazy and went with the Izumi Special Makunouchi (Traditional Japanese bento box of sushi, sashimi, tempura, teriyaki, and cooked vegetables). It came in the biggest bento box I’ve seen! That’s two layers there, folks. He had fun trying all the different things.


Plus the special came with Coffee Jelly! I don’t know why but the Japanese love to jellify things. I had coffee jelly quiet a few times in Japan and loved it. Chase doesn’t like coffee though so he handed it to me. Devoured! Very yummy coffee jelly floating in sweet vanilla milk.

Now we’re working on moving everything into the bedroom where we are going to stay for 24 hours while the living room gets a good carpet dusting. >.< I hate fleas!

Have a good night!

Have you tried any strange Japanese foods?


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