Big Big Day

Today was such a big day and somehow I managed to fit everything in! Yeah I’m pretty proud. First off, it was Chase’s 24th birthday so I decided to be his driver for the day. Which meant I needed to get up at 7am to fit in my workout before getting him to work.

And, somehow, maybe since the kittens woke me a minute before my alarm, I got out of bed at 7am and hit the gym! I ended up doing a treadmill interval workout minus 5 minutes. I really needed to use the restroom so I had to cut it short…

20120827-NOW 002

Once showered, I ate overnight oats in a jar! Mixed in was half a banana, a scoop of sunflower seed butter (yay it’s back!), and golden raisins. Like my new jars? I have big plans for them.

After dropping Chase off at work I headed to my very first teeth whitening treatment!


I purchased this deal from Amazon Local for $80. It was so/so. They basically applied those at home whitening pens to my teeth twice and called it a day. I’m not sure if I like it yet. I have white splotches still, but they told me they would go away after a day or so. If they are not I’ll probably ask for a refund. =/ I was just trying to save money instead of buying the real dentist $200 whitening!

20120827-NOW 004

When I got home around noon, I ate a small lunch. I was instructed to stay away from teeth staining foods like coffee/wine/chocolate/tomato sauce, so I picked up some yummy bits at Trader Joe’s. Toasted English muffin with sharp cheddar cheese, edamame hummus, and fresh cucumbers! Delicious! And a pluot on the side.

And then I was out the door again headed to the hospital to save three lives. That’s right, I finally got to donate blood! HeartMy iron levels were fine and I was in and out fast!


They of course made me eat this small Lemon Snickerdoodle cookie and a bottle of water. They tried to push more cookies on me but instead I grabbed more water and walked on home.


It was a gorgeous summer day.

20120827-NOW 005

I had plans for a better after-donating snack, I toasted up a slice of Breakfast Blast and enjoyed it with a glass of milk. Soo much better than those crap cookies!


The rest of the day was spent relaxing: Ophelia and I watched The Hunger Games. (This is her new favorite spot to be)


And Vincent passed out across my entire midsection while I read on the couch. My babies love having me home. ❤

20120827-NOW 006

After picking up Chase and finally getting us home (OMG I hate rush hour traffic!), I made a quick dinner of a salmon burger and a huge mound of maple steamed greens. Yes I was missing a major carbohydrate component to this meal, but I wanted to go crazy with dessert!


That’s right, baby. We went to Cold Stone Creamery for Chase’s birthday dessert. ^_^ I got a small cherry vanilla with graham cracker crumbs and Heath bar. Nom nom.


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