When my alarm went off at 7am this morning, so that I could fit in a 30 minute interval treadmill workout, I rolled over once, felt how tense my legs were, and hit snooze. P There was no way these legs were running!

20120825-NOW 001

I did fit in breakfast before my 2 mile walk to work though. ^_^ Costco Greek yogurt, ground flax, raw oats, lemon curd, almond butter, frozen blueberries, and golden raisins. I actually think I prefer overnight oats right now, so I need to get me some milk!


Once I got around my work area I headed into Starbucks for a black iced tea with one Sweet N Low refill. I can’t wait until Pumpkin Spice Lattes are available. =P Luckily that won’t be until September, when I can drink coffee again!


After noon, I dug into my packed lunch of harvest grain salad and green beans. Yep, keeping it simple until we can get to the store sometime this week. For a sweet, I packed a serving of French Toast Squares that I’ve decided are better by themselves than with milk.

I had dinner plans to have a going away get together for my ex-coworker (and pretty much only friend I’ve made here in WA), Ryan, but due to some of my other Starbucks “friends” being petty and selfish those plans were cancelled for now. Friendships are overrated I’ve decided.

When I got in the door, a little ticked that my social plans went bad, I had a HUGE scare. I could not find Ophelia anywhere. I checked the entire apartment, all her hiding spots, calling her name. Vinni didn’t know where she was either and followed me around mewing like crazy. Once I’d full freaked out, crying at Chase on the phone, and throwing open the patio door to start screaming my head off for her, she decided to pop on out from on top of the refrigerator. T-T I must have aged 5 years. Trust me, she is in big trouble tonight.

Now really ticked off at the world (but super glad I had my baby back), I threw on my swimsuit and went and spent 30 minutes in the pool treading water. The time flew by and it helped me calm down plus hey, my legs needed a rest from running!

20120825-NOW 003

When Chase got home we got dinner going. Morningstar Farms “Chicken” nuggets with honey and a side of steamed green beans for me and chicken burgers for him. Mmm the much healthier happy meal. ❤

20120825-NOW 007

Later I had a toasted slice of Breakfast Blast for dessert with some ICBINB spray while I attempted to redo my nails. I’m super bummed my manicure didn’t even last a week!


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