National Waffle Day

Well we tried to sleep in this morning as long as we could. Unfortunately Chase seems to be coming down with something and was up pretty early with an upset stomach. =/ Is it wrong that part of me thinks “Hey at least it’s not me this time!” X

20120824-NOW 017

Since it was National Waffle Day (Thanks Kellogg for emailing me and letting me know ~.^), I made Chase and I a big batch of Kodiak cakes in my Hello Kitty Waffle iron. I’m getting better with it, but they still didn’t have the crispiness of waffles. I drizzled mine in maple syrup and a little bit of almond butter and then washed it down with ice cold skim milk.

20120824-NOW 016

The kittens are loving being home again and followed Chase where ever we went today. Vinni seems to not be tearing out his fur anymore either. (fingers crossed)

I had another not great day today so most of it was spent sitting around emotionless, holding back tears, or trying to find things to distract me. Chase and I ended up walking to our bank to set up a joint account so we can pay our rent this month and going to Target to grab me some school supplies.

20120824-NOW 001

Around 2pm I decided I should probably cook some lunch. I made Danica’s amazing Harvest Grain salad and topped it with steamed green beans and a cut up Morningstar Farm’s Hot Dog. However, my eyes were bigger than my stomach and I ended up tossing some of it back in the fridge.

While Chase climbed back into bed to rest, I ended up getting in a 30 minute treadmill interval workout for the first time since the 4th of July! It felt good to be running again, but I definitely need to work my stamina back up there.

20120824-NOW 004

Around 8pm I told Chase we should make dinner since his body is fighting something off. I made a Vegan Boca Burger on a English muffin and topped it with shaved parmesan (only cheese we have…), pickles, and BBQ sauce. For veggies I had more steamed green beans with BBQ sauce. Can you tell the only vegetables I have are frozen green beans?

20120824-NOW 006

Well Ophelia is looking pretty spent so I think I’m going to go join Chase in bed for an early night.

Night all.


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