Cooling Off

I had one of those days on Wednesday where if I’d written a blog post it would just have been mean and hurtful. It was not a good day, so instead I did the responsible thing and did not write at all. For two days. Because that is how long it took for me to cool off and be able to write with a level head and a duller tongue.


20120822-NOW 001

Wednesday started off with us saying goodbye to Chase’s family and grabbing a really late breakfast at Starbucks. I, oddly enough, felt savory so I grabbed a spinach & feta egg white breakfast wrap along with a Grande black iced tea with one Sweet N Low. It was delicious and exactly what I’d been craving.

20120822-NOW 004

We then drove from Billings, MT all the way to Missoula, MT; about 6 hours. We wanted to get there so we skipped lunch and ate this Luna Protein Bar – Chocolate Peanut Butter along with some almonds. Bleh. I don’t know why I used to like these! Too chalky now.

20120822-NOW 005

Then, since my best friend blew me off, Chase and I ordered my all time favorite pizza from The Bridge. The Madison: pineapple chutney and walnuts on white sauce. I ate three slices along with some leftover grilled veggies.

20120822-NOW 006

I spent the evening with Ophie and Vinni who were soo very glad to see us again. I think their Grandpa Ronnie didn’t give them enough attention. Stare-Left Here’s Ophie sitting on my shoes so I couldn’t go anywhere.

20120822-NOW 008

I did go to the Good Food Store though to grab my favorite dessert: Vegan Orange Poppy Seed Cake and some skim milk. I have to admit I was eating this more for emotional reasons than any hunger ones. =/ It was a bad night. I did watch my new Father of the Bride dvd though. Anyone remember that movie? I love Steve Martin.

Oh and that’s my new ironing board in the background! After years of going “Gods we need an iron! I look so wrinkled” followed by “Geez they are that expensive!? We’ll be fine without one..”, I finally gave in and bought a good one on Amazon and this kind of fun ironing board at Target. No more wrinkles in this family!


20120823-NOW 009

My sweet sweet dad knows that my favorite bread is Great Harvest Missoula’s Breakfast Blast. So of course he went and bought me a loaf! Heart For breakfast him and I both had a slice with some Smart Balance and skim milk. Delicious!

20120823-NOW 010

However, only three hours later on the road from Missoula, MT to Kirkland, WA my tummy was growling for more. So..I broke open my leftover Bridge Pizza and ended up eating all 5 slices over the course of the entire day. >.> I was hungry and sometimes needed it to stay awake too.

20120823-NOW 011

I also drank half of this DRY Lavender Soda that I’ve been eyeing for like 3 years now. It was perfect! Not too sweet, good bubbles, and great lavender taste. I’d definitely get it again and now want to try the other DRY flavors.

20120823-NOW 012

After an hour of crying Princess Ophelia did finally settle down in her favorite seat. She’s such a bug.

20120823-NOW 013

Vinni, however, enjoyed shoving himself between stuff on the backseat and then finally passed out on top of his daddy for hours. I wish I’d gotten a photo but it would have been to dangerous to drive and shoot. ~.^ We’re a little worried about him right now since while he was at his grandpa’s he’s taken to ripping out the fur around the base of his tail. We’re hoping it was just emotional and will go away now that he has us back and is home but we shall see.

20120823-NOW 014

Since I ate all that pizza, I really wanted to not be hungry for dinner but unfortunately I still was. Knowing I’d had enough simple carbs for the day though I stuck to veggies and protein: Italian Field Roast sausage, steamed green beans, and a mound of Chase’s Dad’s famous (in my eyes) BBQ sauce.

After unpacking, folding, ironing, and all that we decided we needed to relax. So we headed to our favorite movie theater in Bellevue for another showing of The Dark Knight Rises. I love this movie!


We thought about grabbing snacks but when we saw the prices on that junk we changed our minds. We then went the smarter route (both money-wise and calorie-wise) and used the little gum ball machines for 50 cents of candy! I got some Cherry Bombs while Chase had Runts.

The movie was just as good as I remembered it and I was glad we went. Once we got home we quickly passed out.

Anyway now that I’m all caught up I feel better. I hate skipping a blog post.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful Friday!


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