On a Horse

Yesterday was packed full of fun!


It started off with a bowl of Three Sisters Chai spiced instant oatmeal with a big scoop of Earth Balance PB. Really lack luster, but hey, it was food and I was hungry!

20120821-NOW 001

A little before noon (after attempting to catch rabbits at Chase’s grandma’s house), I was hungry again and craving a Subway sandwich. Strange right? I got an Ultimate Veggie with Spinach and Avocado along with American cheese, tomatoes, lettuce, red onions, cucumbers, and olives on whole wheat bread. I also splurged and ate these Miss Vickie’s Sea Salt & Vinegar chips. They were good!

Then we were off for the main event!

20120821-NOW 005

What could this be?

20120821-NOW 010

Did we actually have an outdoor adventure!?

20120821-NOW 014

Yes we did! Kathy (Chase’s mom, in the back) took us horseback riding! This lucky woman gets to do this every day!

20120821-NOW 015

I love horseback riding though I haven’t been on a horse in over a decade. When I was a little girl I took some riding lessons with Steph but got kicked out when me and her couldn’t play nice.. ever since I’ve yearned to return.

20120821-NOW 021

It was super super hot out but we had a great time! Chase was on a horse called Ed and my girl was named, Fiona.

20120821-NOW 024

At the end, I got overheated and maybe low blood sugar? I started to get really nauseous and then everything went dark and I almost fainted. Sweat Luckily Chase got me sitting down with my head between my knees and I just dumped buckets of sweat for a few minutes until we could go. We stopped at Macdonald’s on the way home and I chugged this small HI-C Orange. Wow haven’t drank this junk in years! It was a lot sweeter than I remembered it.

After everyone showered (damn horseback riding is dirty work!), we headed out to Johnny Carino’s for a big family dinner. Chase’s parents, Chase and I, Chase’s grandma Erma, and Chase’s Aunt and Uncle all showed.

20120821-NOW 025

Still super thirsty (don’t worry I drank water too), I enjoyed a raspberry Italian soda along with probably half a loaf of their delicious bread.

20120821-NOW 026

I always get soup and salad when I got to Johnny Carino’s and I’m so glad I stuck to that. I loved this Caesar salad! I would have got another one since they are unlimited but the waitress didn’t come back in time. XD

20120821-NOW 027

And of course my favorite minestrone soup of all time was consumed. MM mmm! Really yummy meal.

After dinner Chase and I went to his Aunt Kim and Uncle Jim’s brand new house to check it out and use their new hot tub! I wish I’d taken pictures because this house is amazing and the hot tub was out of this world. I didn’t know they made them that cool. We will be staying with them around Xmas time so I’ll get some photos then.

Hope you all are having a good week! We are heading back to  Missoula today then tomorrow on to Seattle. I’m a little sad our last big summer vacation is coming to an end but I’ve been missing the babies so much I don’t care! I’m sure they had a fun week at their Grandpa Ronnie’s but I needs them  now. Heart


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