On to Billings!

Since we are seeing all the bigger cities in Montana (apparently), our next stop was Billings!

20120820-NOW 001

First a little breakfast: oil free granola, skim milk, banana, and a little sip of French Vanilla cappuccino. You know, like out of one of those machines they have at gas stations. I just wanted a sip!


And then we were packed up in the car, and on to our next adventure!

20120820-NOW 004

Around noon, some roasted salted almonds were picked at since my breakfast was nutless it didn’t hold me over that long.

20120820-NOW 005

Then once we arrived at Chase’s parents house, we grabbed Panda Express. (Not my first choice, but I like to not be picky sometimes. Makes it easier on others) I got some veggies and fried rice. When all the entrée options were meat, the lady suggested some crab ragoons which I happen to actually like so I got three. Overall, don’t think I’ll be going back. =P


Hanging out with Chase’s mom, Kathy, we did some errands at the mall and visiting of family. Since we’ve been in MT awhile now, my allergies are starting to catch up to me a bit. Feeling pretty drowsy I decided a little coffee would be okay. I grabbed a Grande Cool Lime Refresher and sipped it joyfully in this 93 degree heat!


James (Chase’s dad) was throwing a huge BBQ party tonight in honor of our visit! Pretty much all of Chase’s entire family showed up (which is way bigger than mine!) and since all of them are pretty interested in my vegetarianism, they all wanted me to try the vegetarian dishes they made for me! O I tried a little bit of Chase’s Uncle Ron’s vermicelli noodle stir fry (not really my thing since I hate Asian noodles. Oh and he served me so that is why there is SOOO much!), ate the corn on the cob, ate the Asian salad from Costco in the back, had a piece of garlic bread, a few bites of really buttery grilled veggies, and two glasses of Moscato wine in that green cup.


I somehow saved room for a little piece of lemon cake for dessert. P

Anyway Chase and I slept out in the cool camper out in front of the house, watching Friday the 13th IV! Today we should be doing some pretty fun things so I’ll hopefully have great pictures to share. Have a good one!

What do you do when people really want you to eat their food they made in your honor, but you don’t really care for it?


One thought on “On to Billings!

  1. Thats the worst! If they dont watch me eat it I take a very small bite smile and say TY .. What else can you do say sorry your food looks gross? Thats a hard one but you seemed to be gracious about the whole thing. All in all its the thought that counts they must love you 🙂

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