My Best Friend’s Wedding


Well they did it! My best friend since high school, Ashton, married James on this beautiful Sunday morning in Bozeman, MT. Congratulations to the happy couple!

20120819-NOW 009

Since I was the maid of honor (and the only bridesmaid at that) I woke up super nervous about the whole thing! I managed to eat a bowl of granola my mother gifted to me, which she bought at a Farmer’s Market in Idaho, with a banana and a little bit of PB. And then it was off to the wedding! (Ceremony at 11am)

20120819-NOW 017

Little  Miss Neea was very excited about her parents finally tying the knot.

20120819-NOW 023

And Ashton looked gorgeous! We decided to call her theme “retro rad”.

20120819-NOW 047

The ceremony went smoothly and I managed to not bawl in front of all the people. It helped that I couldn’t see Ashton’s face.

20120819-NOW 072

Mr & Mrs Curtis!

20120819-NOW 095

After the ceremony and about a million pictures, I grabbed myself a glass of Pennywise Petite Sirah. Mmm!

20120819-NOW 096

My lovely date ❤

20120819-NOW 100

Food-wise there was a taco bar but sadly no vegetarian option. XD so I pilled my plate with a little bit of cilantro rice, lots of peppers and onions, guacamole and chips. I ended up not eating much of it (besides the chips).

20120819-NOW 102

Instead I had a cupcake! These little red velvet cupcakes were topped with fresh cherries and looked soo cute. Enjoyed with another glass of red. ~.^

20120819-NOW 103

I was drinking so much because I was a little nervous about my maid of honor speech! I wrote this speech last winter for my intro to public speaking class and boy am I glad I did. I think it went off really well but I was shaking and skipping all over the place in it.

20120819-NOW 106

Before Chase and I headed out to prepare the bridal suite, my “life wife” and I got in one last dance to “our song”, Girls Just Wanna Have Fun. We belted it out at the top of our lungs and shook our booties and by the end we were spent and had to sit down. We are getting old!

20120819-NOW 108

Once Chase and I were finished setting up their hotel room, we went back to ours where I chowed down on Naked Noodle leftovers. I still couldn’t eat it all since the curry was a bit too spicy for this weakling!

After hot tubing, blog writing, and watching the movie “Made of Honor”, I started to feel really unwell; Nauseous and overall under the weather. Chase and I ended up walking to the nearby Target and grabbing anything that sounded good to me.

20120819-NOW 001

Bottled water (the tap water here repulses me) and some Blue Diamond Almonds. I’ve almost downed the bottle and had way too many almonds, but I’m feeling slightly better. I also had two pieces of chocolate and picked at some unpictured popcorn.

Hopefully I’m not getting sick on vacation! _

Next stop: Billings, MT!


3 thoughts on “My Best Friend’s Wedding

  1. Little Neea is so cute!! Ashton looked beautiful, and well the maid of honor Fabulousness!!! I have a wedding im going to next Sunday. Seems like love is in the air.
    I must say, I see a pattern with you sickness and traveling. I’m the same way I always seem to get sick before or during my trip, maybe our immune system is low because of stress? Any how Ty for sharing Ashton’s wedding. Feel better soon so you can enjoy the rest of your trip. 🙂

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