I Can Hear the Bells

So yesterday was all about trying to get the bride, Ashton, to relax, prepare for the wedding, and do the whole rehearsal dinner.

20120818-NOW 018

First off though, breakfast. I bought a box of Three Sisters Chai Spiced oatmeal just for this trip so I would always have something warm, healthy, and hearty for breakfast. The “chai” spice of it was kind of lacking so to make it more tasty I added a scoop of Earth Balance PB and a banana.

20120818-NOW 019

Next stop, Starbucks for a Grande soy chai! Ashton wanted me to put some perspective to my photo so here is mine versus her Venti cinnamon dolce chai. Holy yum. Have you ever ever tried putting cinnamon dolce syrup in your chai? I had a sip and man it was like a really good liquid cookie!


From there we headed to the Bozeman mall for pedicures and manicures. I managed to get the only old Chinese woman in all of Bozeman who just glared and snapped at me the whole time. Stare-Left It wasn’t the best experience but..


I sure love my French tip nails! I’ve never in my life had a manicure before…but I see me getting another one as soon as this one wears off. ❤ My toes were cleaned up and a better shade of red was used that matched my wedding shoes perfectly.

20120818-NOW 020

After our somewhat “relaxing” time of leisure, Ashton was hurried off to her family luncheon and I headed back to the hotel to grab Chase for some lunch. We decided on MacKenzie River Pizza where I grabbed a delicious spinach salad (with blue cheese, candied walnuts, red onions, tomatoes, and crasins) and two bread sticks the lovely waitress threw in for me to make it a bit more hearty. Yum! Just what I wanted!

Once back at the hotel, Chase and I enjoyed the hot tubs again and he helped me practice my maid of honor speech.

20120818-NOW 004

At 7pm we showed up at Ted’s Montana Grill for the rehearsal dinner. We had a gorgeous setup out on the patio!

20120818-NOW 001

Everyone thought it was pretty darn snazzy.

20120818-NOW 005

I had two glasses of red wine…

20120818-NOW 006

…and picked at this very basic salad with some blue cheese dressing.

20120818-NOW 007

For my entrée I went with the vegan option: quinoa cakes served with artichoke capinata, grilled asparagus, and steamed broccoli. I ate the quinoa, a bit of the capinata (I’m not a huge artichoke fan), and all my asparagus. The broccoli was so plain it just didn’t seem worth it.

20120818-NOW 008

The dessert course was a mixed berry cobbler with vanilla ice cream. It was a bit too sweet for me so I only had a little and let the rest melt away.

Overall a fun and wonderful day spent with my best friend. ❤


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