On to Bozeman

I expect a lot of my posts right now are going to end up a day late at least. Things just get so busy on vacation! I do want to keep blogging about it though since I finally have more to share and not the same food over and over again. w

20120817-NOW 001

Yesterday’s breakfast was a slice of Great Harvest Missoula’s new Powerhouse bread. It was whole wheat with  nuts and dried fruit baked in and pretty freaking delicious. I toasted it and slathered some Earth Balance Crunchy PB and strawberry jam on top. And of course had a big mug of skim milk to wash it down.

20120817-NOW 002

I try to always eat a serving of fruit with breakfast so after my toast I munched on the last of these dying blueberries my dad had in his fridge. It’s funny but I’m always surprised how blueberries aren’t blue inside. Have you bit one in half and looked at it?! It’s green!

20120817-NOW 012

Before getting back in the car to journey on, we met my mother at Red Robin for lunch. Yeah I know, I didn’t really feel like  a heavy burger before a long drive so instead I tried something completely new. I got the Whiskey River BBQ Chicken Veggie Burger Wrap and wow it was delicious! I ate half and ate the rest when we finally arrived at our destination at about 5pm.

20120817-NOW 013

Of course, I needed fuel for the 3 hour drive though so I grabbed a tall iced soy chai tea before we headed off. I’m obsessed with these at the moment. Whatever

20120817-NOW 015

I finally met up with my best friend and bride, Ashton, around 8:30pm in Bozeman, MT! Starving, we headed to The Naked Noodle, where they serve a plethora of different noodle dishes. I went with the Authentic Thai Green Curry with tofu (traditional Thai green curry of lemongrass & soba noodles tossed with sweet bell peppers, carrots, shiitake mushrooms, galanga root, kaffir lime leaf, bamboo shoots & fresh basil). It was pretty delicious but I only ate about 1/3rd since it was HUGE and…

20120817-NOW 017

…we had bachelorette party food for later! That’s right Triscuits (reduced fat at least..), cheese platter, Moscato white whine, champagne, and apple beer!


We split the bottle of champagne and poured it into our empty tea bottles so we could enjoy them, unobserved, in one of these six(!) hot tubs at our hotel.


Pretty lovely place! We spent a few hours just drinking, chatting, and enjoying each other’s company soaking in the hot tub until the staff kicked us out promptly at 11pm.


We may have had a bit too much to drink…(1/2 bottle champagne and a mini bottle of Moscato!). Cheese and crackers were also enjoyed in the hotel room to help soak up the booze. Overall a great time with my best friend. Heart

More tonight!


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