Sleeping Beauty

So you know how I was too tired to write yesterday? Well right after posting that, and may I point out before 9pm, I fell asleep and didn’t wake up for 12 hours! Surprised smile Of course princess Ophelia was able to wake me in time before she starved to death. My goodness though my body was tired.

20120815-NOW 002

And hungry for breakfast! Since I don’t work on Wednesday’s until 1pm, I had the time to make a warm slow-cooked breakfast. Kodiak cakes topped with TJ’s organic raspberry jam, almond butter, and a little maple syrup. On the side, a glass of ice cold skim milk. This tasted so good I probably inhaled it too fast.

Once I’d digested a little, I laced up my shoes and hit the gym for a 1 hour hill stationary bike ride. It felt great! I love getting all sweaty and getting my body going first thing in the morning. I just need to have enough sleep in order to do it!

I start walking to work at noon so I was all set to take my lunch with me. Then I decided I needed part of it before I left…

20120815-NOW 003

So I had this little 1/4 cup of milk with a coconut walnut biscotti.

20120815-NOW 004

Then saw I had a little more time and felt that I was hungry so I cracked open my main lunch. This cherry peach quinoa salad really isn’t my thing. =/ I even substituted the chickpeas for baked tofu but it still didn’t make it likeable. It either tastes too salty or too sweet. I managed to eat about half of this and then tossed the rest. What should I do with the huge container of it I have in the fridge?


Since I had such a light lunch I knew I wasn’t going to last until 7pm for dinner. I stopped at Starbucks and got a grande black iced tea with one Sweet N Low and a banana to go along with my baggie of Treasure Trove Trail mix. What a delicious snack! I need to get me some more bananas!


My stomach still started grumbling around 3pm. >.< Since I had my treat receipt, I went back to Starbucks across the street and got a grande soy chai tea. They spelled my name right! O This drink was delicious and the only time I like chai and soy. It also helped me survive until dinner at 8pm!

20120815-NOW 005

Trying to clear out the fridge (we leave tomorrow!), I made a quick meal of: sautéed yellow squash, leftover garlic roasted potatoes topped with some parmesan cheese, and a Field Roast Italian sausage. Nom nom.

Now I’m rushing about trying to pack up for our week off in Montana! We leave tomorrow (5am!) for Missoula, then for Bozeman on Friday for three days for my best friend, Ashton’s, wedding, and then head to Billings to stay with Chase’s folks for a few days. It’s the last big trip of the summer so we’re going to try and make it as fun as possible. =) Hopefully with lots of pictures. P

Have a good night!

P.s. Danica is hosting another amazing giveaway, this time for Better Chips!


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