Shark Week > Olympics

Are you watching the closing ceremonies for the 2012 Summer Olympics? I really thought I would be, I mean, I am a huge Olympics fan, but when I found out that Shark Week started tonight and that I actually had the Discovery Channel for the first time in my entire life, I quickly made a decision to watch that instead. Good Choice. ^_^ I needed this relaxing evening…

20120812-NOW 001

My morning started pretty darn early at 5:40am. I had an already made breakfast of overnight oats in a mostly empty sunflower seed jar with fresh peach and golden raisins. Delicious! I need to get more sunflower seed butter stat. (Sorry for crappy photo. Both boys were still sleeping.)

20120812-NOW 002

I then was ready to hit the road for my last week at Safeway. I’m so very tired of this place. I don’t want to go into it much (because it’s so frustrating it makes me sick) but the new story they are selling about my skirt is that I was intentionally hiking it up. HA! They don’t $%*#ing know me at all. I’m so over this crap. I’m boycotting Safeway from now on. Not run by good honest people.


This morning we were slammed and our third person was a no show. When I finally got a 5 minute break (was called back before I could finish my 10 minutes…) I drank the rest of this nonfat milk I’d purchased last week with a coconut walnut biscotti.


I eventually was allowed my lunch break after 1pm so I scared down this no-bake summer lasagna (seriously, this stuff is good!), some cherries, and half of this Venti Earl Grey tea sweetened and with creamer. (I’d made it wrong for a customer so I bummed it. Take that Safeway.)

When I finally got off work, I biked home and dove into the icy pool for 30 minutes treading. The day was so hot and sweaty it felt so good. I like to think I’m more prepared now if I’m ever in a boat crash. ^_^ I can tread for a long time!

20120812-NOW 003

Dinner was two slices of BBQ, green pepper, and onion pizza and a small slice of a cheese and pineapple one, along with the last of the Olive Garden leftover salad with yogurt blue cheese dressing and parmesan. I’m so glad I didn’t waste this salad! Nummy!

20120812-NOW 004

While we watched Shark Week I ate more cherries with two squares of Strawberry & Champagne Dark Chocolate. I still can’t believe I get Shark Week in the place I reside! My entire life the only way I saw this amazing week was if I was so happy to be in a hotel, like last year!

Are you watching Shark Week?


4 thoughts on “Shark Week > Olympics

  1. I totally forgot about shark week! My 6 year old loves all things shark so he will be stoked!!
    P.S. That’s so lame about the whole skirt issue are they really that bored? Give me a big fat break!! At least this is your last week…..Hooray!!!!

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