Old Memories

First off, I’m trying out these little emoticons that I’ve had on my computer since I was just a pre-teen! HeartAdorable yes? Now clearly I did some summer cleaning yesterday of my laptop, Ripley. What other fun things did I find?

Favorite Quotes:

“He was just a common gardener walking with a rose.” – The Picture of Dorian Grey by Oscar Wilde

Old old family photos:

kids 002

See?! Even as a baby my feet were big.

And tiny babies(!!) were found:


Wait you want some more of that?


Ahh! They were soo small! The mom in me is getting all teary eyed now that my babies are all grown. T-T

Ok I’m done being sentimental. On to the food!

20120810-NOW 001

Sorry this post is, again, late, but I didn’t get home until 2am! xx Anyway breakfast yesterday morning was super simple. Greek yogurt, raw oats, pineapple, chia, and sunflower seed butter. It didn’t hold me up very well…I ended up snacking on an unpictured biscotti before heading off for a 60 minute hill stationary bike ride. Felt good.

20120810-NOW 002

Due to biscotti, I didn’t get hungry for lunch until after 2pm! And then I threw together the most delicious salad I’ve ever made at home. No it wasn’t the Morningstar Farms chicken nuggets, nor the roasted garlic potatos or yogurt blue cheese dressing, nor even my favorite parmesan cheese shavings that made it so amazing, but the red onion that came in the salad I brought home from Olive Garden! Who knew that was what made all the difference from a mediocre salad to an outstanding one!? I am gonna go out and buy me some red onion.

I had a somewhat productive afternoon while the boys were off in Seattle enjoying the EMP. I went to TJ’s and grabbed some ingredients for the big quinoa salad I made for lunches for the rest of the week.

20120810-NOW 003

And when I came home, dripping with sweat and craving something cold and creamy I went with the smart option. Banana soft serve! (In my new shiny red food processor my dad got me for my birthday!)

20120810-NOW 005

You know, it’s probably been two years since I made this and I can’t believe I ever stopped. This is the perfect “ice cream”. If you hadn’t made banana soft serve before, do it. All you need is a frozen banana. Put it in a food processor and voila. Ice cream is served. I topped mine with TJ’s Sugar/Coffee/Chocolate grind and a sprinkle of walnuts.

20120810-NOW 007

Around 5:30pm I got a txt from the boys about how late dinner was going to be. =/ Knowing me and my already growling stomach I had a small snack of a coconut walnut biscotti with a mini glass of skim milk. These are growing on me but they aren’t really biscotti enough. Not crunchy!


It’s a good thing I ate that snack too because we didn’t eat dinner until 9pm! O This is unheard of for me! We went to Red Robin at Bellevue Square and, so hungry, I got exactly what I wanted. The Blue Ribbon Burger: Basted with a tangy steak sauce and topped with crumbled Bleu cheese. Served with crispy onion straws, lettuce, and fresh tomatoes on an onion bun. I was smart ate only half the burger (BOCA of course) and went with the steamed broccoli as the side and just ate a few of Chase’s fries to get my fry fix. I should always do this!

New_Dark_Knight_Rises_Poster_Arrives_Online_1337636698[Image from Google]

Now why were we eating so late? Why so we could catch the 10:30pm showing of the new Batman movie, The Dark Knight Rises.


Fading fast, I really wanted an earl grey tea latte but we were afraid they would confiscate our drinks at the door. Inside, they had Tully’s coffee and ordered the nonfat almond lattee I’ve ever had. Bleh! No coffee taste at all. I tried to drink most of it to stay awake though. I know it’s no coffee month but I needed something or I would have missed one amazing movie! As soon as it ended I turned to Chase and said “I wanna re-watch the first two movies and come see this again.” Like immediately!

Anyway I’m off to work and gosh am I tired. Stopping right away to grab a tea.

Are you a Batman fan?


5 thoughts on “Old Memories

  1. First off the pic of you, your mom and sis is so precious! I love old pictures like that.. 2nd I love banana soft serve, I made it a few times in my vitamix but doesn’t work very well so I am gonna go and get a food processor wich I have needed for awhile now. 3rd I am a total batman fan still have not seen the movie but must make that a priority for next weekened.

    • Actually it’s a picture of my sister and I with a good family friend we called Aunt Willie! She sure looks a lot like my mother though!

      I definitely recommend a food processor, and a good one at that. I think it’s taken me so long to make banana soft serve again due to my dad’s food processor being so old and bad. This new one is a snap!

      Go see the movie! I actually think it’s so good I wanna go again tonight. >.>

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