I had a lovely rare Wednesday off today. =) I stayed in bed until about 8:30am and then, at my leisure, cooked up a hot breakfast.

20120808-NOW 001

Kodiak cakes topped with plain nonfat yogurt mixed with a little maple syrup, a fresh peach, and drizzle of sunflower seed butter. Yum yum! I think I prefer no yogurt and instead a glass of milk but it was fun to mix it up a bit.

I got a ton of things on my To Do list done this morning including hitting the gym for 60 minutes hill stationary biking. It surprisingly didn’t kill me! I plowed through it without feeling weak. ❤

20120808-NOW 002

It also left me hungry for lunch at noon. I heated up a can of TJ’s Low Sodium Minestrone (added some S&P and spices) and toasted an English muffin with cheddar cheese on top.

20120808-NOW 003

Another check on my to do list was to make my very own first batch of biscotti! My father gave me his recipe while I was visiting last month so I tweaked it to try out my own. This coconut walnut biscotti isn’t perfect yet, so I’m not going to share the recipe until then. As you can see though, I had major major issues melting the white chocolate I was going to drizzle on it. I did two batches before I got it to melt without burning and by then I hardly had any chocolate left. I gave up before that though and ate one with the bunrtish feta-like white chocolate with a glass of skim milk.

I ended up eating this twice over the day after I fell asleep for like 4 hours. >.< Chase tried one too and gave it a 6 out of 10 and we talked about what I needed to improve on. I promise to keep trying until I have an excellent recipe to share!

20120808-NOW 004

Around 8pm I realized I was getting pretty hungry for dinner so I got back in the kitchen and threw together an easy and tassty dish. Using two leftover lasagna noodles, I shredded them apart and cooked them in some tomato sauce with TJ’s Meatless Meatballs. I then topped it with sautéed zucchini and ricotta cheese. Nom nom!

20120808-NOW 005

Which watching Misty May and Kerry Walsh win gold in women’s beach volleyball, I munched on some fresh cherries. I love fresh fruit! I chopped up a bunch and put them in the freezer to try out some cherry banana soft serve soon. ~.^

Biscotti fan?


4 thoughts on “Biscotti

  1. Not a biscotti fan i’m more of a scone lover… Although once you get your recipe perfected I will for sure make it 🙂 btw, all your food looks delicious. Have a great Thursday Robyn!

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