No Bake

Ophie is going to be the death of me. This little princess now always wants her breakfast promptly at 4am on the dot, and once you give it to her she continues to bug you until you get up for good. I mean crying, head slamming, bugging! I don’t know what’s up with her but man is my sleep lacking.

20120806-NOW 001

Breakfast was a simple bowl of the last of the Cinnamon Life mixed with Kashi 7 Grain Puffs, chia seeds, 1/2 banana, and a drizzle of sunflower seed butter. Man the nut butter in my cereal added so much flavor to it! I loved it.

I then did something I’ve never done before. I rode Chase’s bike to work! Cut out ten minutes of my commute time. ^_^ I got pretty sweaty though but I hope to keep using it.


Around 10:30am I took my first break and had this new flavor from Larabar: Orange Float. To be honest, I wanted to throw it away. =/ It has orange oil in it and it tastes very…artificial? I did not like it at all!


Surprisingly, I got my lunch on time today around 12:15pm! I packed a healthy salad of: butter lettuce, garlic roasted potatoes, cherry tomato medley, cut up baby broccoli, a pinch of parmesan cheese, and about a tablespoon of the new blue cheese yogurt dressing I decided to try. Again, I don’t know if it was due to the orange oil leaving a funkiness in mouth, but I really didn’t like the salad. It had a…twang to it! I ate most of it though and tossed the rest due to being so full. Also enjoyed were some fresh cherries. ❤


While my lunch was healthy and filling, it didn’t hold me over very well. >.< Around 3:30 I realized I was really shaky and unfocused. Emergency action: A Safeway M&M cookie with half of this nonfat milk. ^_^ I really did need it. (Don’t worry I brought the other one there home for Chase!)

At 5pm, I biked on back home and jumped right in the pool! 35 minutes of treading and lap swimming later, I felt tired and happy.


This long day ended out alright. P.s. my side boob workout must be working because my arms are sure sore! I’m working on this due to the dress I have for Ashton’s wedding.

20120806-NOW 004

Dinner tonight was rewarding after some time in the kitchen. I made No-Bake Summer Vegetable Lasagna and boy was it light and tasty. I didn’t miss the dense tomato sauce lasagna is normally associated with at all. Plus I got to use quiet a bit from my basil plant! ^_^ I added a lot more vegetables than the recipe called for since hey, you can never have enough! (Just noticed that I built my lasagna not like the photo at all…mine only has two layers! Arg!)

20120806-NOW 005

While watching more Olympics (I told you I am an addict. At least 3 hours every night! Lately I’ve been falling asleep before the end though…) I had dessert of a slice of Chase’s peanut butter cup banana bread and some more skim milk. He doesn’t really like the bread as much as he thought he would. =(

Anyway I just realized we’re coming into the middle of August and summer is almost over. Surprised smile Not okay! I have hardly done anything on my summer bucket list!


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