Feeling Hot, Hot, Hot

That’s right! It is H-O-T here in the Seattle area! And sadly, Seattlites don’t handle it very well. Lots of just plain rude customers. Let me just say this: Your barista has nothing to do with the prices! He/She has no say in how high they are! It doesn’t do you any good to get all pissy at them. But oh well, I only have 3 more shifts at that hell hole. ^_^

20120805-NOW 001

Even though I set my alarm for 6am, my morning workout again didn’t happen. I entirely blame the Olympics. I just can’t stay up as late as the coverage runs and have the energy to get up to workout in the morning. =/ Chase has convinced me that since the Summer Olympics is only every 4 years, its okay for me to take a little break for it. That said I still am walking to work everyday and now doing some weights on commercial breaks to work on my side boobs! =P I’m also trying to eat as healthy as I can.

Alright so breakfast this morning was overnight oats again only this time with fresh pineapple, a pinch of walnuts and dried cherries, and a small spoonful of sunflower seed butter. So cool and creamy!


I was able to take my lunch just a bit after noon today and I was hungry for it! I brought the last slice of Costco veggie pizza, more tomato melody, and some cherries. I felt pretty good about this healthy lunch.


However, I also was pretty sure it wasn’t going to hold me over until the end of my shift so I went ahead and ate my last uber bar: apple turnover. This one was decent but I wouldn’t go out of my way to get it again like the banana foster flavor.


Near the end of my shift I decided to use my free drink postcard and get a trenta half passion half black tea with one Sweet N Low. It was so freaking hot in the store under all the lights and the doors opening over and over again right across from us! I ended up getting a refill later with 3 pumps Classic.

20120805-NOW 003

Dinner around 7:30pm was absolutely delicious. I roasted some fingerling potatoes in EVOO, S&P, and garlic, heated in the microwave some TJ’s Baby Broccoli, and fried up a Field Roast Italian Sausage. Soo yummy all together.

20120805-NOW 006

For the rest of tonight we’re laying inside our cool apartment watching more Olympics. ^_^ Here’s Ophie hogging all the fan.

P.s. I just ate some cherries for dessert!


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