The Great Skirt Escalation

So I’ve been avoiding writing this post due to the degree of shitty day I had yesterday.

20120803-NOW 002

It started out well. I made Banana Peanut Butter Refrigerator Oats the night before and topped it with a sprinkle of dried cherries and walnuts for texture. I actually enjoyed this bowl even though I normally don’t like overnight oats. The key is putting toppings that give texture! Yummy.

After having walked to Safeway for my Starbucks shift I realized I left my cellphone at home. Surprised smile Unacceptable! I felt so disconnected. Plus I couldn’t take any pictures. So I re-enacted this lunch for you when I got home:

20120803-NOW 002-2

Pretzel Thins, cheddar cheese, hard boiled egg, Granny smith, and a Banana Foster UBER bar. This Uber bar was delicious! I would definitely by it again.

And then my day went way down hill. We had a regional manager come in that monitors all the Starbucks who caught us in the middle of a huge rush. Being so busy and concentrating on good service, my skirt had hiked up a little bit. Nothing scandalous, but higher than Starbucks likes. The lady ripped me a new one about it. I quickly pulled it down and informed her that I don’t wear it like that. She said it was fine as long as it was down and left.

Then a Safeway regional manager showed up and ripped me another new one informing me that it was completely “inappropriate”. Apparently skirts are supposed to be all the way past the knee even though the dress code I signed said this was fine. Apparently Starbucks policy says it’s okay but the Safeway policy says it’s not. I told her I asked before I wore the skirt and was just told that the only requirement was that it was black.

The regional manager flipped the shit (pardon me) and called in the district manager, changed Safeway policy so no skirts are allowed now, and sent me home without letting me finish the last 30 minutes of my shift. Ready to see this overly offensive skirt?

20120803-NOW 003

Bam. Clearly I offend the elderly and small children no?

20120803-NOW 004

Close up on the length.

I actually had the most compliments I’ve ever had on my appearance that day and the majority were from, surprise, the conservative elderly. They just loved my socks and hair and smiled and chatted with me. Clearly my skirt wasn’t that notable.

Anyway I’m putting in my two weeks notice tomorrow and will be finding a new grocery store to give my money to. I just felt so offended by their remarks, acting like I was some sort of tramp pulling a fast one on them.

Yeah. It was a very very bad day. If there are any Office Space fans out there: It felt like this “Yeah…did you get that memo?”  -_-

Once I walked home fuming and sweaty, I jumped in the pool and tread water and swam for a good 50 minutes!

20120803-NOW 006

Afterwards, I was very hungry due to a light lunch so I had this piece of Costco veggie pizza with fresh pineapple. Yes I did take the huge pieces and cut them in half!

20120803-NOW 001-2

Plus some fresh cherries and a square of dark chocolate. It was one of those days.

Luckily it ended really well. =)


Chase and I drove all the way up to Everett to go to the AFK Tavern with two of Chase’s friends who were visiting from Missoula! This is a restaurant/bar for gamers and geeks! (Check out the Firefly poster ^^) They have game consoles on the walls for customers to play and a menu full of game/geek related trivia.

After finding a parking spot in the neighboring Ivar’s (there lot was packed), we went inside and were greeted by an over the top host who basically yelled at us like he was deaf and intoxicated. I didn’t really care for him but hey, to each his own.


With all the tables packed, we sat at the bar to wait and ordered some drinks. I started with this amazing glass of Vikings Blood mead! I LOVE mead. It’s like really sweet, thick, wine and just perfect for sipping for hours. And boy was this baby strong. I felt very good by the end of it.


Once we got a table we started with a sampler appetizer plate called the Dragon’s Hoard. We chose four out of an array of goodies: +2 Tots +1 (tater toots with bacon), Covenant’s Onion Halos, Fried Pickle Caps, and Mozzarella Joy Sticks.

I had a few onion rings and fried pickles though they were a bit too spicy for me.


After a lot of talking, munching, and laughing we decided to order entrees. I actually didn’t plan on getting real food since nothing sounded that good, but the mead convinced me otherwise! I ended up getting the Druid Delight: hot house cucumbers, fresh tomatoes, spinach, grilled portobello slices, guacamole, and fresh humus on a roll. I got sweet potato fires as my side though I probably wouldn’t have had they told me it cost more. =/

I ate half my sandwich and picked at some fries.


After the mead being so heavy, I really wanted something refreshing to drink. I should have just got a glass of ice cold water but instead I tried one of their famous cocktails. I got the Akagi Red Suns: muddled mint and limes, Redrum, cranberry juice, and sprite. I thought this was their version of a mojito but I was very wrong. It was not refreshing at all and way overly sweet. I ended up giving it to Chase’s friend while we played a few rounds of Pirate Flux.

This restaurant had a very fun atmosphere and I love that they want you to hang out and play games. I’d definitely go back whenever we have other gamers/geeks visiting but just for appetizers and drinks. The food left more to be desired.

Anyway I need to post this so I can start on today’s!

What do you think of the skirt? Too short?


6 thoughts on “The Great Skirt Escalation

  1. Please!! Your skirt was not short at all you look so adorable! It just seems like they just wanted to invent something to bitch about… Just be like office space and say “take this job and shove it”! That’s one of my favorite movies.. Sometimes it’s better just to quit a job you hate then to torture yourself and be unhappy and waste time. Your going to be just fine! 🙂

  2. I don’t blame you. BUT I wouldn’t have been that nice LOL. I would have flipped MY lid and then wakled out. BUT I’m hotheaded. Your outfit was uber cute and they need to go find someone else to pester the shit out of.

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