A Better Day

Today was so much better than yesterday. I mean sure I woke up a little hung over and not wanting to go to work, but I did anyway. ^_^

20120804-NOW 003

Quick bowl of low fat plain yogurt topped with raw oats, sunflower seed butter, 1/2 banana, fresh pineapple, and dried cherries.

It was soo hot out but I made it down to Juanita in enough time to stop into Starbucks and get a free refill.


1/2 Passion, 1/2 Black Tea with 1 Sweet N Low. So refreshing!


At noon I was hungry for lunch so I chowed down on the other half of my Druid Delight with some sweet potato fries, a melody of tomatoes (found these beauties at Costco, sadly they don’t taste any different!)  and, a few hours later, my last Granny Smith.

Once I got back home I again threw on my suit and jumped in the pool for 40 minutes treading and swimming. I  miss having Chase swimming with me but he’s got a sore throat the last few days and I know it wouldn’t do it any good.

20120804-NOW 004

I was famished when I got back home and ended up scarfing down the rest of the leftover fries. >.>

20120804-NOW 001

A little bit later I just went ahead and reheated dinner. Two small slices (comparatively) of Costco pizza with fresh pineapple and sirracha. I am soo full now!

No Coffee Challenge Update:

It’s been going surprisingly well! Working yesterday I was actually repulsed by the smell of coffee which may have been due to recovering from being sick but I’ll take it! I also did try a Vanilla Roobios tea but found it to be way too sweet for me. I put in a whole Sweet N Low not knowing that it already has a sweetness to it. I ended up throwing it out but I may give it another try sometime but not likely.


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