Lazy, Lazy

So I forced myself to be lazy today and now think I am ready for work tomorrow.

20120802-NOW 002

I woke up without the headache I went to bed with and decided to make some breakfast. Toasted English muffin (sure in honor of the London Olympics ~.^) with Earth Balance Chunky PB, TJ’s Organic Raspberry Jam, and a perfectly ripe banana. Still trying to get through these eggs, I added a hard boiled one for more protein. Plus a glass of skim milk to wash it all down.

I then spent the morning in bed like this:


I think they like it when I’m sick.  -_-


Eventually around 1:30pm I felt very weak and knew it was probably due to food. I reheated a bowl of minestrone soup then followed it with an apple juice and pretzel thins.

20120802-NOW 005

About 2 hours later I started to feel nauseous again…but I headed it off with a mug of Cinnamon Life and skim milk. It saved me! I didn’t end up sick and had enough energy to go to Costco with Chase and get a few groceries. =)

20120802-NOW 006

Chase convinced me that Costco pizza was the perfect thing for dinner so we ordered a half pepperoni, half veggie and brought it home for a little doctoring with fresh pineapple. This giant slice was devoured and enjoyed. I love when you eat something so satisfying that your mind doesn’t even think about dessert.

20120802-NOW 008

Instead, I’m hanging out with these two guys watching the Olympics. I can’t believe it’s almost been going for a whole week already!

Up at 5am tomorrow, good night!


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