Oh boy…

I have a history of always coming down with something right after I get back from a trip. It happened last year after L.A., this year after L.A., and now again after Missoula.  -_- I think I may be cursed!

Anyway here’s exactly how my day went:

Woke up with a really horrible UTI. Found an urgent care walk-in place and woke Chase to drive me.

20120801-NOW 012

Knowing I would be in a far worse mood hungry, I had a quick breakfast of Whole Food’s brand Plain Nonfat Yogurt in the last of the Dark Chocolate PB jar, 1/4 cup raw oats, dried cherries, and a pinch of chopped walnuts. I ate it without really tasting anything due to being distracted with pain.

20120801-NOW 014

After the doctor’s office I was home with my new medications and an Aussie Bite in order to take them. (Take with food, yada yada.) I then called into work and spent the rest of the morning in bed with the babies watching the Olympics.

20120801-NOW 015

At noon I was hungry so I made half a cheddar cheese sandwich with Dijon mustard and kale (thanks for the info, Heidi!) along with a Granny Smith and  Earth Balance Crunchy Peanut Butter. This is my absolute favorite crunchy peanut butter!

After eating, I fell asleep for a few hours. When I awoke I felt 100x worse than I had. New symptoms: splitting headache, nausea, and weakness. I felt like just eating something would help but everything in the house sounded repulsive. So, I somehow walked to Trader Joe’s and grabbed a few sickee staples.

20120801-NOW 016

Pretzel Thins and apple juice! I felt much better after eating these. I sat on the porch with the kittens and tried to just get my mind to concentrate.

20120801-NOW 017

Check out my two mini okra! There’s hope yet!

After coming back inside it all went downhill from there. And I’m talking major rollercoaster drop. It hurt to move. My head throbbed; my stomach churned. The moment Chase walked in the door I unfurled from my ball and ran to the toilet, vomiting up my snack and a good amount of my undigested lunch. =(

I did call the urgent care clinic and told them my new symptoms. If it happens again I’m supposed to go to the ER for IV antibiotics. I’m feeling loads better after throwing up though. I’m wondering if it had nothing to do with my UTI and antibiotics at all but with the kale on my sandwich?

20120801-NOW 019

Feeling soo much better after hurling, I had an appetite for dinner. I made a bowl of TJ’s Chunky Minestrone soup and ate it very slowly.

20120801-NOW 021

While we watched the final episode of Next Food Network Star my appetite really came back in full force. Since I hurled up my snack, I had it again. ^_^ I love pretzels + apple juice.

20120801-NOW 022

A while later, happy to be hungry and able to eat, I had a slice of Chase’s peanut butter cup banana bread with a glass of skim milk. I really felt like I just needed a dense carbohydrate in me to soak up some stomach acid.

No today has not been a fun day…


But these two sure had fun! This is my dad and sister at the San Diego Zoo today! Freaking cute or what?

Luckily I don’t have any work tomorrow so I have another day to rest up. I’m pretty bummed I didn’t get to get back into the gym today but hey, health comes first! Have a good night everyone.


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