August Challenge

In the month May I had a Hot Cereal Challenge where I had oatmeal for breakfast every day. I like to give myself these challenges to force myself to be creative and try new things. I didn’t get to try as many new combinations as I’d wanted in May since I was so busy, but that is mainly the point of my challenges.

This month, August, I have a new one! I, as a Starbucks barista, am giving up coffee for an entire month! Surprised smile I know right. This may be crazy…but I want to see if I can do it! Tea is fine but no coffee (even green coffee Refreshers). I’m actually pretty excited to try all of the Starbucks teas.


So, anyone with me?


3 thoughts on “August Challenge

  1. I so knew this was going to be your challenge! Damn!! I will have to think about it… I do love tea so maybe my challenge for myself will be coffee every other day. Does that count?

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