A Beautiful Day for a Wedding

Yesterday was absolutely perfect.

20120728-NOW 021

It started with a delectable yet very rare breakfast of almond butter pastry and fresh strawberries with a glass of skim milk. Delicious!


Sadly not very filling. >.< Doh! I supplemented it with a Cherry Cobbler UBER LARA bar. This Uber bar wasn’t anything amazing. Lots of people refer to these new bars as LARA bars version of KIND bars. Well, I like KIND bars better!


A lot of you may be wondering how the babies are doing back in their old haunting ground. Little miss Ophie is loving it. ^_^ She loves how there’s always new things to lay on. Vinni is doing okay though he definitely has been missing Chase and I since we’ve been so busy. In the morning he just bombs us with love!

Yesterday before noon, Ashton and I were at a used clothing store looking for a bridesmaid dress that would do for her wedding coming up in three weeks. >.< The one we’d ordered online, custom-fit and nonrefundable, was a dud. The dress just looked absolutely horrible. Honestly, it can make anyone look pregnant. Way too puffy and princessy.

Luckily, I found a $25 black dress that’ll do!

After that I ran back home for a quick lunch:


I managed about half of this leftover teriyaki tofu salad but it was just too gross to eat all of it. Bleh!


Still unsatisfied I had one of my dad’s homemade biscotti with skim milk!! He totally gave me a recipe and explained just how easy it is to make biscotti so I am making these as soon as I get home!


All dressed up, I headed to the wedding! (My new haircut! I’m loving the pixie look.)

Next stop, Kristen and Justin’s Wedding!


It was super hot out but luckily they had the ceremony at his aunt’s house which is on the beautiful mountain top. A nice warm breeze blew throughout the canopy and in case that wasn’t enough to keep you comfortable there were fans as wedding favors. Smart idea!


The ceremony was really sweet and I ended up tearing up a bit. I liked how the minister talked about how love always changes and you have to work with each other to fit. It meant a lot to me.



The wedding cake was a little scary! Since it was so hot out, this cake was leaning fast! They were quick to take down the layers but boy did it look sad.


The groom’s cake was cute.


Cutting the cake before dinner so they could take it apart!


And the last supper-esqe Wedding table!


Chase was a little bummed that he couldn’t sit with me. I ended up at a table with two other “plus one’s” who just whispered together and made jokes about vegetarians. It was very awkward to say the least.


There were these two cute little dogs to smile at though! It reminded me of Ophie. ^_^


Since vegetarians are on the rare side in Montana, I ended up with just a plate full of lettuce with Italian dressing and a rye roll. Oh and the best part of all, a Mike’s Hard Black Cherry Lemonade. I soo would have preferred wine, but I drank it all the same.


I ate half this small piece of cake but didn’t really care much for it so gave the rest to Chase when he was able to come say hi.


Congratulations to the bride and groom!


It was a beautiful day for a wedding.


Now I didn’t winewhine about the food because…Chase promised we could go to Bridge Pizza afterwards! ^_^ Yay!! I love this place. I had a slice of beets, green onion, and goat cheese white pizza and loved every bite.


After pizza we walked over to Big Dipper Ice Cream and shared a scoop of cookies and cream. ❤ Aww Missoula summers.


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