Wow. It has been an extremely busy last couple of days!! I’m sorry that I have had absolutely no time nor energy to blog, but let’s get you caught up on my vacation back to Montana!



We all were ready for vacation come Wednesday morning.

20120725-NOW 003

I had a big ol’ bowl of cereal with Cinnamon Life, Kashi 7 Grain Puffs, the last of my Quaker Oatmeal squares, fresh raspberries, chia seeds, and skim milk. Mm mm! Cereal really doesn’t keep me satisfied like other breakfasts but darn does it make my mouth happy while I’m eating it. I love all the textures!


Around 12:30pm, once I’d walked down to the Juanita office, I ate my lunch of leftovers: quinoa stuffed pepper, roasted sweet potato wedges, hard boiled egg, banana nut bread, and much later in the evening, a Granny Smith. I washed this all down with a Grande half black half passion tea with one sweet and low. Tea is really growing on me.


To keep myself awake for the 8 hour drive I decided to try a new drink with my Free Drink Birthday Card. Quad Venti Nonfat latte with 3 scoops off vanilla bean powder steamed in the milk. I’d had a customer order this once and it smells amazing! Sadly, it doesn’t taste that good. I wouldn’t recommend it but I did manage to drink it throughout the whole drive.


For dinner I’d purchased this California Tofu Wrap from Whole Foods that was outstanding! It had quinoa, peppers, lettuce, pineapple glazed tofu, edamame, red onions, and raisins. Sooo much better than fast food.

So how did my babies do on the drive?


Ophie started out like this: “What the hell is this?”


“Hold me mommy! I’m sooo scared!” (check out those bug eyes!)


“Hey, this is kind of fun. I’ll be the co-pilot!”

They did really well and when we drove into Missoula at 5am MST we were all exhausted!


Sadly I didn’t get much sleep. Vinni woke me at 9am needing me to find Drusilla so he could say hi. I managed to get back to sleep for an hour after that before needing to get ready to meet my dad for lunch!


We met at the Good Food Store(!) and I had the Tempeh, Lettuce, Tomato sandwich. It was delicious and I really tried to eat the whole thing but couldn’t. It was so nice to catch up with my dad. ❤

Chase and I were running errands that day such as picking up his tux, getting some gifts, and trying to calm me down over the horrible bridesmaid dress I received in the mail. (More on that later. Situation unresolved so not relaxed enough to talk about it!)


It is freaking hot in Missoula so I ended up craving a tall iced nonfat chai! I only ever like chai iced and only rarely feel like it. It was exceptionally good that day.


For dinner we met my dad, mom, and Dave at The Mustard Seed! This is always the first restaurant I want to eat at when I come home. Sadly, it fell below standards this trip. My favorite Teriyaki Tofu Salad was mediocre with just a handful of old lettuce and the roll it came with was still frozen in the middle. I ate half and boxed the rest. The desserts we got were fantastic though!

The Poppy Seed Rum Cake is an old favorite but I put my fork towards the dessert of the week: coconut wedding cake with huckleberry mousse! Absolutely amazing. I dominated it!


After dinner I was off to visit my best friend, Ashton, and her baby, Neea. They had the sweetest birthday present waiting for me! Homemade Hello Kitty wrapping, card, and all! It was so nice getting to chat and enjoy each other’s company again. It’s been way too long.


20120727-NOW 011

Friday morning I was up bright and early for a haircut! I know I keep saying I’ve grown into my new haircut but finally enough was enough and my old hairdresser could fit me in. So first I grabbed a small breakfast of a piece of this almond butter pastry my mother gave me (delicious!) and some ice cold skim milk.

My haircut went well and though it is a little shorter than I like since she had to work with the shortness the last guy cut it to, I’ll grow into it and love it.


Around 12:30pm I met with my mother for lunch at Scotty’s Table which is a cute bistro underneath the main street bridge. It had a lovely patio area! We both got a cup of summer vegetable minestrone soup and a small spinach salad: Pears, apples, carrots, honey walnuts and Danish blue cheese served with a sesame-orange vinaigrette. Both were outstanding and we ended up surprisingly stuffed!

20120727-NOW 014

The rest of the day was spent with my life wife!

20120727-NOW 015

Which I of course had to make try a trenta Cool Lime Refresher. ~.^ I love this stuff!


By 8pm, we were worn out and hungry from all the shopping and errands. We headed to Carino’s for some easy Italian. ^_^ We started with their delicious bread with garlic dipping oil and cherry Italian sodas. For my entrée I had minestrone soup and Caesar salad. It was apparently a soup and salad day!

20120727-NOW 020

Later, we went out for a drink at the Iron Horse Pub. I decided to try a Key Lime Cucumber Mojito that might as well been called just a Mojito. It didn’t taste anything special at all.

Anyway I’m so glad I’m caught up with you all! Today is Chase’s friend’s wedding and me hopefully finding a replacement bridesmaid dress for Ashton’s wedding in August!

Hope you are all having a good weekend!


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