Holy Sweets

I had a darn pleasant day today. It’s always nice to have one of those. ^_^

20120724-NOW 001

I woke up with the determination to get my workout in. But first…breakfast! Kashi 7 Grain Puffs + Cinnamon Life + skim milk + raspberries. Gobbled down and then I booked it to the gym for a 60 minute hill stationary bike. I love starting my day with sweat and reading!

Since it was Tuesday, I worked at the Bellevue office and was saddened to find that my cereal breakfast didn’t hold me over very well. I did a good job not snacking, but by noon my stomach was begging for food.


I fed it: quinoa stuffed pepper, hard boiled egg, most of a Granny smith, TJ’s Light String Cheese, and an Aussie Bite. Devoured way too quickly, probably.


A few hours after lunch I found my energy taking a deep nose dive. I went to rummage for a small piece of chocolate but instead was offered a cookie from Macrina Bakery! I’ve wanted to try sweets from this bake shop ever since I saw it on one of those “America’s Best” shows. I’m pretty sure this baby was a Brown Sugar Shortbread Cookie and holy hell was it delicious.

Little did I know that…


The office had a surprise for me! It was so funny. 5pm hit and the Dr. was running late so I asked if they needed me to stay around or not since I had nothing to do. My coworker, Crystal, said we all stay when she’s running behind and randomly had me dust. Then they all called me back to the back room and started singing with this sweet cake all lit up in lights!

These people are seriously the sweetest. Little did they know that I happen to hate chocolate cake…>.<


I was a champ though and didn’t want to disappoint them. I ate this slice quickly (due to hunger and trying to ignore the extreme richness) and quickly tossed the frosting. I felt so bad since they had asked me if I liked chocolate and I said yes. I DO like chocolate, just plain chocolate though. I absolutely hate it in baked goods.

Still super sweet of them. =) I also got a card signed by everyone and a gift card.

20120724-NOW 003

Dinner was around 7pm and I made sure it was an easy one. Reheated Romio’s pizza and a iceberg mix salad topped with soyaki sauce. This sauce makes an excellent dressing!

We’re bathing the babies, picking up the apartment, and packing tonight! I am so psyched for my roadtrip. Speaking of…we’re leaving right after I get off work tomorrow night and driving all night long until we see Dru! So my post may be a double on on Thursday or just really late Thursday afternoon.

I hope you all have a lovely next couple of days. I’m going on vacation!!


3 thoughts on “Holy Sweets

  1. That is so cute! Pretty wonderful to be a part of an office that show they care! Have a safe trip back to Montana, the last best place;)

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