Ebay Disaster

Bleh! This post is late because I was lazy yesterday!

20120720-NOW 002-2

Yesterday started off somewhat badly. I found a Hello Kitty Waffle Maker on ebay awhile back and, though it was used, purchased it since the seller said it was in great condition and the pictures looked good.

Yesterday morning I tried it out. Sadly, because I feared I would burn them, I didn’t cook the waffles long enough so they didn’t come out that well. I can’t wait to try again. I topped my Kodiak waffles with frozen peaches mixed with maple syrup and sunflower seed butter.

20120720-NOW 011

But what made the morning so bad? Well this is the condition my waffle maker came in. That’s right a giant crack right through herb bow that the seller apparently attempted to glue. I was so disappointed in seeing this blatant lie, I thought about what to do for days. This morning I just decided to accept it and leave the seller negative feedback. Spending more money on return shipping just didn’t sound fun nor did I want to deal with this liar.

I did just that and you know what happened? The seller emailed me back screaming at me for ruining their reputation and what not. I calmly sent them this photo and asked about selling me this item that was not the pictured item I bid on. You know what they said? “That’s not the item I sent!!” HAHAHA. Ooohh yeah someone must have stolen your item in shipment and replaced it with their own. That explains it. Morons. –_-

Sorry for all the negativeness! I swear I’m done.

20120720-NOW 003

When lunch time hit I dug into my Mazatlan leftovers. The reheated corn tortillas weren’t very good so I only ate one but the rest was so delicious I devoured it.

20120720-NOW 004

Because Mexican food is a little too greasy, I cleaned my mouth with this Granny Smith apple half of which I added Dark Chocolate Dreams PB to.

20120720-NOW 006

❤ Ophie enjoyed being a baby today. After hanging out with these two cuties I hit the gym for 60 minutes hill stationary biking. Soo good to sweat! It feels so good when you get all your planned workouts in during the week.

I spent the evening going through my closest and putting clothes that I never wear in a bag to donate. I do this about about twice a year and it feels good.

20120720-NOW 001-2

For dinner Chase and I grabbed exactly what we felt like and watched some Buffy the Vampire slayer. I had a stuffed bell pepper as my vegetable….then a big slice of banana nut bread and two Aussie bites. Yeah I was really feeling the sweet! Later Chase and I snacked on fat free popcorn and dark chocolate chips.

Very strange dinner.

Anyway I need to get ready for work! It’s Monday!!


2 thoughts on “Ebay Disaster

  1. Ahhh man! I would be so pissed and bumbed! That company has some serious nerve! I totally want that waffle maker I have been eyeing it and the microwave and the mini hello kitty fridge at Target. It just goes to show even at age 33 I still love her 🙂

    • Haha love that Heidi. ❤ She's never out of style. It wasn't a company but a seller on ebay. Clearly a very bad one. I'd stick to Target but that waffle maker was discontinued! I also wan the mini fridge but I don't need one so I'm trying to refrain!

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