Summer “Saturday” Night

What a lovely “Saturday”! ^_^ I woke up at my leisure (I may have been kitten induced..)

20120719-NOW 001

And made a yummy breakfast of whole wheat toast with sunflower seed butter and raspberry jam, a hard boiled egg, and a glass of skim milk.

Sadly, my skim milk had already gone bad just 2 days past the expiration date! =(

20120719-NOW 002

Dumping out the milk and not entirely satisfied, I grabbed an Aussie bite. These little bites of yumminess are so good! I’m glad I decided to try something new at Costco.

Then I hit the gym for a sweaty 60 minute hill stationary bike ride. I need to get through this Harry Potter book asap and unfortunately biking is the only time I give myself to do that. So prepare to see a lot of the exact same workout!

20120719-NOW 004

Lunch around noon was sort of a hodge podge of foods. Half a quinoa stuffed pepper (you’ll be seeing a lot of these since it’s the only veggie I have in the house right now), a Morningstar Farms hot dog, red grapes, and the last of the Eating Right Cracked Pepper and Sea Salt Pita Chips. It was sort of a light lunch, but we had big plans to…

Go swimming! Yes it was in the 80’s today and Chase and I hit the pool in the sunshine for 30 minutes treading water and playing catch. It felt so good and always tires me out so much. I really love the water. I’m thinking about bringing my suit on vacation next week to hit my old Griz Pool for some lap swimming!

After swimming Chase and I got dressed and headed out on a few errands.


When we got back it was around 5pm. I had dinner plans for 7:30pm but I knew if I didn’t have a snack I’d be famished and make bad choices by then. So, since it was so hot I grabbed a mango mochi ice cream ball…and then also ate a more filling choice of Treasure Trove Trail Mix.


I’m glad I ate those too because my dinner was very very light. My Starbucks co-workers and I headed to Seattle’s International District to Fortune Garden. They all loved it but there were very limited options for a vegetarian. I shared my Egg Flower soup with the table and munched on a little garlic bok choy and fried tofu from my friends. At least I got out with the cheap bill of $6.

20120719-NOW 011

Then, since my one co-worker really wanted Cheesecake Factory, I ignored my boycott and gave them one more try. I don’t like cheesecake really so I decided to go with one of their “Spiked Milkshakes”. The Flying Gorilla is a “A “Kicked-Up” Chocolate Banana Milkshake with Godiva Chocolate and Banana Liqueur” and you know what? Totally worth the $10. It was delicious but I’m sure it barely had any alcohol in it since this light weight didn’t feel a thing!

As for the Cheesecake Factory, I would still never go back. It took over a half hour for my friends to get their slices of cheesecake (which we know are already made and even already cut) and the service is just so mediocre. My money can go elsewhere.

Anyway it was a fun night out being social. =) I feel like I didn’t make too bad of decisions on my food.


One thought on “Summer “Saturday” Night

  1. Im not into CK factory either. Everytime I have gone I always feel overwhelmed with their menu. I do love their cheese cake though but i would rather support a small bakery then them 😉 glad you had a great day!

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