Early Celebration

I keep getting terrible sleep filled with scary dreams of being trapped at Starbucks! It’s frightening! Getting up at 9am still seem too early.

20120718-NOW 001

Since I had a slow morning, (no work until 1pm) I made myself a nice hot bowl of blueberry oats topped with dark chocolate peanut butter, golden raisins, and a sprinkle of chopped walnuts. Mmm, oatmeal is just perfect sometimes. I also drank two glasses of home made iced coffee. I’m trying to finish off all my coffee since I have a real challenge in mind for next month. ~.^ Details to come.

20120718-NOW 006

Today I attended a Bastyr University webinar on their Masters of Nutrition program! Yeah I’m not going for my Masters (yet) but it was still really interesting to hear about all the different things you can do with this degree. I really enjoyed it and it made me very excited to start school.

My sister called during it though so I only listened to half. I decided catching up with her while we both walked to work was more important.


Since I got down towards my reception job so early I had time to eat my lunch outside of the Starbucks. Win convinced me to try a Grande half passion tea, half green tea with 1 Sweet’N’Low. It was okay…I got a refill before work and did half black, half passion instead and liked it much better.

For lunch I had: hard boiled egg, small sliver of banana bread, cherries, light string cheese, Raspberry 0% Chobani, and a mini KIND bar. I just don’t have very packed lunch friendly foods in my fridge right now so I keep going with these “snack meals”.

20120718-NOW 007

The lunch left me plenty hungry for dinner around 7:30 though! Chase took me to Mazatalan Mexican Restaurant for an early birthday dinner (mine’s on the 22nd but it’s during our work week so why not celebrate now!). This is the restaurant that makes the best veggie fajitas I’ve ever tasted!

I started with some chips and salsa though. I can never turn these down even though I know they are loaded with calories and going to ruin my dinner.

20120718-NOW 008

Since the half off entrée coupon we had required two drink purchases we splurged! Chase got a mango mai tai and I tried the cherry breeze mojito. Meh, it wasn’t that great and didn’t seem to have much alcohol in it. Mostly it tasted like cherry 7 Up with mint.

20120718-NOW 009

For my entrée I (of course) got the veggie fajitas and they were just as good as I remembered them. I ate two and felt stuffed to the brim. At least there’s leftovers now! (Even their beans are amazing, and I normally hate beans.)

Yay for the weekend! I hope you don’t all feel teased since our work weeks don’t match up. =P To the normal folks reading: you’re almost there! Just made it over the hump!


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