Mood Lift

I woke up a little meh this morning.

20120714-NOW 006

I pretty much wanted everything for breakfast this morning, so instead I ate what needed to be eaten. Finished off the strawberries that were a little past their time, ate a poorly peeled hard boiled egg, and, for my carbohydrate component, had a toasted English muffin with Dark Chocolate Dreams PB and raspberry jam. Washed down with skim milk of course! I sort of love “tasting plates” like this since I get a little of everything.

20120714-NOW 004

Wearing some of my new clothes today totally put me in good spirits. It’s funny how feeling like you may look okay can change your whole outlook on life. Yes I’ve been a little in the bleh dumps lately, but my new lacey top totally brings some sparkle to my eyes!

P.s. I was a little worried my blouse might not be “professional” looking enough, but my Dr. commented on how nice I looked today so I’ll take that as an A.O.K!

My 2 mile walk to work was pleasant because I was smart and wore shorts to get there and then changed in the bathroom into long khaki work-appropriate pants. I hate sweating to death on my way there.


I refilled my Grande cup at Starbucks with some iced coffee, half and half, 2 Sweet N Lows, and some nutmeg. I only mangled to sip down about half of this…which was a good reminder to myself that I can hardly drink a Tall let alone a Grande.


Lunch around noon was pretty much eaten over an entire hour. Again sort of a “tasting” of everything: Chobani Apple Cinnamon Greek yogurt, a small slice of Banana Nut Bread, ripe cherries, another badly hard boiled egg,  and light string cheese.


Around 2pm I needed another little boost so I ate half of this Granny Smith. I didn’t want to waste the other half but I was too full!

20120714-NOW 011

When I got back home around 4:30pm I had a ice cold milk craving. I’m still not 100% at drinking milk by itself so I mixed in some Cinnamon Life.

After eating, a little disappointed with myself, I stuck to my guns and got in my strength training for Saturday! I did Jillian’s 30 Day Shred and loved every moment of it. I don’t know why I cringe so much when I think about doing this workout but it’s really not that bad! I actually like it once I get going. I’m really going to try and keep up with it.


Dinner tonight was…curry rice! (Has to be said with fake Japanese accent:karē raisu!!) I’d made these cute little bentos with the intention to take to them for lunch but since I didn’t today I figured it sounded yummy for dinner.  Delicious.

I hope you are all having a great weekend, my week is off to a good start I think. =)


2 thoughts on “Mood Lift

  1. I like to tell myself ” it’s better to look good than to feel good”… Hee-hee! That usually lifts my spirits when im feeling crappy about myself, or just feeling blah. You look great in your picture it’s nice that the dr noticed your blouse! Anyhow hope you have a fantastic Sunday and you get to do something fun 🙂

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