Friday the 13th

Sorry this is late but it was Friday the 13th yesterday and you know what that means…Friday the 13th movie marathon! I’d never seen any of them so Chase and I got in bed early to watch I & II. The originals, yes, and I found the second one way scarier than the first! I was jumping all over the place.

Anyway we did a lot of other stuff for Friday the 13th.

20120713-NOW 001

Starting with breakfast: Delicious Kodiak cakes topped with fresh strawberries, maple syrup, and sunflower butter. I can’t get over how much this mix has made me love pancakes. I used to hate them! Alongside the cakes I sipped down some homemade iced coffee.

When Chase finally got up and ready, we were out of the house…


To stop by my work to grab a free tall Cool Lime Refresher! Did you get yours yesterday from 12-3pm? I am in love with these. Made with green coffee extract so it’s still got the caffeine and, the best part of all, this tall was only 40 calories! Surprised smile Unheard of!

While we sipped we headed off to the Alderwood mall for some shopping fun. ^_^ I’ve been really trying to improve my professional work attire summer wardrobe lately. I didn’t find too much but at least got one nice top at Forever 21.


After two trips to the dressing room, it was about 2pm and I realized I was famished. Shaking due to really low blood sugar, Chase and I scoped out the options at the mall. The food court looked kind of gross so we decided on one of the handful of sit-down restaurants: Claim Jumper.

I ended up getting their lunch Fish Tacos: Drizzled with our chipotle sauce. Topped with pico de gallo and wrapped in warm corn tortillas. Served with our homemade salsa and rice pilaf. I really really wish the menu had mentioned the fact that they were battered. =/ I probably wouldn’t have gotten them then, but I was so hungry I ignored it.

I ate one and a few bites of the other because these babies were big! Pretty darn tasty too. I also ate the rice which I’m not sure why. It wasn’t that good…hunger I guess.

Refueled, we did more mall shopping and I got a few cute headbands. I’ve figured out that that’s the only way to make this awful hair cut look good!


This sign leaving the mall totally cracked us up as we headed across the street to Target where we got a few home improvements and a gift for Chase’s mom’s birthday.

20120713-NOW 002

We also stopped in at the world market to stock up on a little chocolate. ^_^ When we got home I cracked open this Joe’s Chocolate which was supposed to be a toffee filled one..but instead had walnuts. Disappointment!

20120713-NOW 003

I had big plans to use up some pantry items for dinner and made this warm and filling vegetarian curry. Served on top of a mix of brown and basmati rice (using stuff up..) it’s filled with red bell pepper, broccoli, carrots, onions, tofu, and my favorite in curry, sweet potatoes. 

20120713-NOW 005

While we got our Friday the 13th movie marathon on we snacked on low-fat popcorn and three pieces of this Peanut Butter Milk Chocolate bar. >.> What can I say, I was just in a chocolate mood!

So, did you have any big catastrophes on your Friday the 13th?


2 thoughts on “Friday the 13th

  1. Sounds like you had a great day Robyn!
    No catastrophes here in S.D. I did get my free tall at my local SB. The lime is awesome love the mild flavor so refreshing thanks’ again for the heads up 🙂 also the kids and I hit up Yogurtland. We ended up with some Hello Kitty loot 2 keychains and a card holder super cute..thought of you im surprised you haven’t had your Yogurtland yet… Happy Saturday!

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