I feel like I was really lazy today, though I did get all three things I had planned, done.

20120712-NOW 001

I woke up bright and early (with a little kitten help…) and got straight to work making breakfast. I had baking to do this morning, which I really wanted to eat for breakfast instead, but I knew if I waited I’d be soo hungry I’d eat all of it.

Instead, I did the smart thing and made a batch of oatmeal with flax, nutmeg, and banana cooked in then topped it with the rest of the banana and a baggie of Treasure Trove Trail mix. ❤

20120712-NOW 004

And then it was time to get my bake on! First time really baking since I moved to the west coast in February, and it felt good! I made two loaves of banana bread: one for him and one for her. His is this decadent Reese’s Peanut Butter Banana Bread made a tiny bit healthier by using whole wheat flour, and hers is a healthier Banana Nut Bread. Both were a blast to throw together and used up a lot of very ripe bananas (gross!).


Of course the baker had to try both after a few hours of oven time. A tiny nub of his and a piece of hers with ice cold skim milk. Yummy!

He says his tastes like “cookie bread”. Hers has excellent texture from the nuts! If I made mine again I’d add some PB2 to the mix to give it a nice peanut butter flavor.

Next up I jumped on the bike for one hour of stationary hill biking. I really thought about waiting until this evening when it was cooler, but once I was in the gym I was happy I was there.

After showering I hit the streets to head to Ross for a little shopping. I really needed some sheer blouses to wear for my reception job since it’s too hot to wear normal ones when I walk there. I found three and a pair of shorts for around $50 total. Deal!

20120712-NOW 006

Since I had all that baked good snackage, I wasn’t hungry for lunch until a bit after 2pm. I finished off the wheatberry salad with a TJ’s Light String Cheese and was perfectly satisfied.

The rest of the afternoon was spent in a long nap until dinner. >.< I am blaming my allergies. I really wanted to read Harry Potter but couldn’t keep my eyes open!

20120712-NOW 007

For dinner I felt like summer food. Sadly, without a grill, this only pretended to be that food. I heated up a Boca burger on the stove and topped it with a slice of cheddar, enjoyed on a toasted English muffin with Dijon mustard, ketchup, and dill pickle. On the side, steamed broccoli with TJ’s Everyday Seasoning, and some cherries.

Oh yeah and I mixed myself a pretty delicious gin and tonic ^_^. It is summer after all!

20120712-NOW 009

Yep a pretty nice lazy day.


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