I am exhausted today. I went to bed last night exhausted after getting in my strength training of a 10 Minute Abs Workout App and woke up feeling it. Work didn’t make me feel any better! While I’m glad I have had 8 hour shifts at Starbucks this week, they really take it all out of me!

20120709-NOW 003

I started my morning off with an amazing bowl of Greek yogurt, ground flax, sunflower butter, Quaker Oatmeal Squares, strawberries, blueberries, and golden raisins. Pure bliss. This bowl held me over very well.


I still ate my snack around 9:45am though. Banana and crunchy peanut butter! Sadly my banana was super beat up and too ripe for my tastes but I tried to enjoy it all the same. I’m very excited to make banana bread this weekend though!


Since Starbucks new Refreshers debut tomorrow, we went over the drinks a lot today. I finally got my hands on the nutritional information and I have to say seeing these I actually like the drinks a lot more now! That’s right, a Grande for under 80 calories!!

P.s. All Starbucks (in the U.S. at least) are doing a free tall Refresher drink to customers this Friday the 13th from 12pm-3pm! I’m not working but I’m definitely gonna go in and get one! I recommend the Cool Lime. ~.^


My tummy was growling for lunch around noon. And boy, I can’t believe what I packed for it last night. I ate one pickle with cheddar cheese and went “What the hell was I thinking!?”. I did eat the celery, crunchy peanut butter, and golden raisins (AKA White Ants on a Log) though and since we had free Safeway cookies just hanging out in the break room I grabbed a sugar cookie and bought a nonfat milk. Delicious and really filling! I’m glad there were these cookies or I would have gotten really hungry!

Side note: I did eat the cheese when I got home form work.

While I was walking home from work a really nice thing happened to me. I apparently dropped my Hello Kitty mini towel (for wiping the sweat off my brow or the rain from my face) while I was rummaging in my purse. A few blocks later after I realized I’d dropped it a man comes running up behind me and hands it to me! Surprised smile I was so shocked I could only squeak out a thank you before he was jogging back the way he came! Nice people do exist.


When I got home I sat on the porch drinking a little iced coffee and reading Harry Potter and The Order of the Phoenix. I only have three days left on my library loan! >.< I’m apparently not reading enough.


The babies love their patio time but we’re still working on discipline. Ophie struggled with staying on the patio today and got in big trouble!

I was ready in my swimsuit when Chase got home and we hit up the pool where I treaded water for a solid 30 minutes! I could barely walk out of the pool I was so tired. Great workout and so much more refreshing than running on a treadmill in a stuff gym!

20120709-NOW 005

Then we went about refueling. Wheatberry salad (thought I was tired of this stuff but I was so hungry it tasted amazing), steamed maple greens, Field Roast Apple Sage Sausage, and some ripe cherries. Loved every bite.

To work on not eating dessert the moment I finished my food I set my smartphone for a 1 hour timer. If an hour later I still needed something, I told myself I could have it. Well, it just went off a few minutes ago and I have no cravings! Success!

So, are you going to try a new Refresher?


2 thoughts on “Refresher

  1. Yes 🙂 !!! I spend soooo much money at SB I feel like I deserve a free treat! TY for the heads up, I love anything lime or lemon so im totally excited to try the flavor.
    Good job on resisting dessert Im totally going to try your method!

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