It’s really hard to write a good blog post when you’re in a bad mood. =/ I’m very sorry if this post sucks major butt. Bad mood due to moody boyfriend…

20120708-NOW 001

Quick cold breakfast this morning: 1 cup Kashi 7 Whole Grain Puffs, 3/4 cup Cinnamon Life, tsp ground flax, fresh strawberries, skim milk. Not the most amazing breakfast but it did the trick and held me over.

It’s getting hot out fast now that it’s summer! I was really feeling it on my walk to work around 7am.


When break time came around I was really craving a short bold drip coffee with 2 pumps coconut syrup and a splash of half and half. It seemed silly since I was already so hot but it surprisingly helped me cool down. Enjoyed with the perfect accompaniment, an Aussie Bite!

This mid-morning snack doesn’t bother me at all since I know I actually need the energy. There’s no way I would make it from eating at 6:30am until 12pm. This snack keeps me going and makes it so I can do my job! That said I’m still trying to keep it healthy, though those Starbuck’s pastries are calling my name. >.>


Lunch was a bit after 12pm and I was famished for it. One thing about the Starbucks job, it’s really a lot of physical work. I had some wheatberry salad mixed with steamed maple greens, a light string cheese, and most of a Granny Smith apple. To be honest I was too full to eat the whole thing and tossed probably 1/4th. Sorry apple!

When I got off work at 4pm it was soo stuffy and hot out! Mid 80’s today! Luckily, I had  my trusty umbrella with me to block some of the sun. ^_^ I still ended up back at my apartment dripping sweat.

20120708-NOW 002

Once I got situated and dinner in the oven, I gave my hunger situation a check. I really was hungry. I thought about all the junk food snacks I could eat (cereal, mochi ice cream, trail mix, chocolate..) and then made myself the perfect cold and creamy healthy one. Half cup nonfat Greek yogurt with a spoon full of lemon curd and topped with fresh blueberries. Delicious! Eating right tastes good! (Vinni enjoyed my choice as well.)

20120708-NOW 004

I’m glad I had the snack too because dinner took forever! I baked Safeway Select’s Cheese Lasagna in the oven and also some Safeway garlic bread. I topped my piece of pasta with fresh basil and steamed some green beans for the veg. I pretty much truly believe Italian should always be enjoyed with a glass of wine now, so I had some more Blue Fin Syrah.

I didn’t really care for this straight cheese lasagna since it doesn’t have enough textures for me. Chase bought it though so we would have something we could eat together, and of course he didn’t want the vegetable one. However, I was so hungry I devoured this plate and didn’t feel stuffed.

20120708-NOW 005

In fact..I had room for a little dessert. >.< Arg!! I seriously am vowing no more dessert for an entire week no matter how bad my head thinks I need it! I just had a serious chocolate craving so mixed a small snack cup with Quaker Oatmeal Squares, Dark Chocolate Morsels, and dried cherries.

I did really well with not eating after dinner when we first moved to Seattle by drinking a hot cup of tea or sugar-free cocoa. Now though, it’s so warm out that really doesn’t sound appealing.

Does anyone have any suggestions?


4 thoughts on “Dessert…

  1. I still have dessert but to stop myself from having 2nd dessert I brush my teeth and pop mint gum.. That works for me..

  2. During summer I make these fruit popscicles. I just blend coconut milk and banana and add some strawberry and blueberry chunks and throw the mixture in some small popscicle molds I have. They are the perfect size and are a very refreshing dessert 😉

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