Battle On

I have to admit I’m not 100% happy with my eating habits lately. I’m definitely feeling..doughier than I’d like. So today my one goal was to really quit the snacking. Only eat when you’re hungry!

20120706-NOW 001

I woke up bright and early and was determined to stick to that. I made what I felt like eating. Whole wheat toast with crunchy peanut butter, TJ’s Organic Raspberry Jam, ground flax, and one banana. With a glass of skim milk. Yum-o.

I spent most of the morning out on the patio with the babies, basking in the sun and reading Harry Potter. By 11am it was so nice out I made a decision to change my workout for today from treadmill running to outdoor swimming!

Chase and I got our suits on and used our apartment complex pool for the first time! It wasn’t that nice out, which made it nicer since we had the pool all to ourselves. We spent over 30 minutes treading water, racing, and horsing around in the water. =) I tried to do laps but the pool is just too tiny.

20120706-NOW 003

We got back inside and hosed off by around 1pm so we were both really hungry for lunch! I heated up the other half of my Red Robin burger, the left over sweet potato fries, and washed off some ripe cherries. ^_^ Delicious. After eating, part to me wanted to eat an Aussie Bite but I realized it had nothing to do with hunger.

So instead I got cozy on the couch, kept reading, and eventually took a nice little nap.

20120706-NOW 004

6 o’clock rolled around before I knew it and I made a healthy and amazing dinner. These Field Roast Sausages are out of this vegan world! Again, Smoked Apple Sage sausage, some wheatberry salad, steamed maple greens, and some more cherries. Now that’s some good ol’ summer food!

20120706-NOW 006

I really wasn’t going to eat any dessert but Chase pulled out his Reese’s minis…so I had a few handfuls. ❤ chocolate and peanut butter. I’m not ashamed of eating these since healthy living is a lifestyle. My lifestyle wouldn’t work without some chocolate!

Anyway even though it’s almost 10pm, Chase and I are headed to a late night showing of The Amazing Spiderman! I hope I don’t regret this at work tomorrow. =P Night!


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