Under the Sea

I woke up bright and early this morning, excited for the day.

20120705-NOW 001

I made myself a leisure breakfast of Kodiak cakes topped with maple syrup, fresh strawberries, and sunflower butter. Pure heaven! I’m thinking about making it again tomorrow. >.> On the side, homemade iced coffee.

Next up I hit the gym for a 1 hour stationary hill bike. I thought about doing two hours to make up for missing my workout on Tuesday, but I decided to put that off for another day. Perhaps I’ll just not take my rest day on Sunday.

20120705-NOW 009

Then it was time to kiss these babies good bye!


And grab a snack for the trip…

20120705-NOW 057

Because we were headed to the Seattle Aquarium! I’ve been here once before but was excited all the same. Chase and I have been meaning to go since we moved here in February. We love aquariums!

20120705-NOW 058

It was an absolutely gorgeous day out.

20120705-NOW 011

We poked some sea anemones.

20120705-NOW 016

Were dazzled by jelly fish.

20120705-NOW 033

And made friends with some cute fish.

20120705-NOW 041

Chase loved to creep me out by suddenly pointing out a “hidden” fish I’d have never noticed. Scary!

20120705-NOW 052

The otters were my favorite since they have no shark exhibit. =/ We were a little bummed about that.

20120705-NOW 063

Have I mentioned my reoccurring killer whale nightmare? I’ve had it for years. I always am drowned by one of these gigantic beasts so I have quiet a fear of them. So this is me if I were to ever end up on one of their killer backs. >.> That’s pure terror.

20120705-NOW 079

Eventually around 2pm I couldn’t wait any longer for lunch. We walked around the waterfront looking for a good, decent priced seafood joint. We ended up giving into The Crab Pot which we have been wanting to go to ever since we saw it on Man Vs. Food.

I’ve never had fish and chips but always wanted to try it. The Crab Pot has salmon fish and chips and seeing that salmon is the only fish I eat, I knew I had to give it a go. I ate 1.5 of these golden hunks of fish and quiet a few fries dipped in various sauces. It was definitely not a healthy meal at all, but hey, I’m only gonna do this once!

The verdict? Meh. I’m not huge on fried food and I think I’d have preferred the salmon grilled. Chase informed me that regular cod fish and chips taste way better. Oh well. At least I can make fish and chips off my food bucket list!

After eating we browsed around the waterfront shops and visited Pike’s Place Market. I love it there! So much to see and such decent produce. I kept saying “Man if only we hadn’t just bought groceries!”

By 4:30pm we were back on the eastside running an errand at Target. It was scorching out and I was in the mood for a refreshing, creamy treat.

20120705-NOW 081

Chase ended up grabbing a Peanut Butter Moo’d Jamba Juice and I got this tiny White Chocolate Mousse cone from TCBY. This brought back memories! My parents used to always treat my sister and I to TCBY whenever we were in a children’s theater play. It was our little tradition and we always got this exact same flavor. It’s still as good as I remember it.

20120705-NOW 001-2

Later in the evening, I was in a wine mood. No this class isn’t full of wine! I did half syrah and half club soda to make it a little wine spritzer. It was nice and refreshing.

20120705-NOW 002-2

Apparently fried food really really fills me up because I didn’t feel like eating anything until 9pm. I had a small bowl of fresh made wheatberry salad with a TJ’s Light String Cheese. Delicious!

Afterwards though I was feeling like a sweet and ended up eating two Aussie Bites with skim milk. >.< Whoops! And I didn’t even snap a picture…

Bleh. No more extremely fried food!

What’s your reoccurring nightmare about?


3 thoughts on “Under the Sea

  1. Ah, i haven’t had pancakes for breakfast in a while – and just happened to have bought a pint of strawberries today!
    The white chocolate mousse looks yummie too, hope you have a great weekend!

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