When I’m not too terribly busy, I like to go back and re-read my old blog posts from a  year ago. This helps me see what I was doing wrong and what I was doing right back then. It also reminds me of what foods I love that I’m missing out on now days and even points out some really good workouts!

For example, I totally forgot about Jillian Michael’s 30 Day Shred! I finished it last year towards the end of August and I remember loving it. Only 20 minutes but a good solid, sweaty, and intense workout.

And that’s what took the place of my interval running today. ^_^ But first, all good days start with a good hearty breakfast.

20120627-NOW 001

Learning from yesterday, I had a big ol’ bowl of  plain oats topped with a scoop of lemon curd, toasted hazelnuts, and golden raisins. Yum yum! I loved the lemon flavor. Enjoyed with a glass of homemade iced coffee, which has apparently become a daily thing. I’m trying not too much iced coffee displace my water intake but it’s been tough. In fact, I need to drink another bottle before I go to bed!

20120627-NOW 005

And then Chase helped me set up this second monitor he got for free from his work (they were going to throw it away) so I would have a bigger screen to watch my workout video on!

20120627-NOW 006

Vinni was ready to get sweaty! I loved the workout and found it to be a lot easier than I remembered which just goes to say I think I’m in a little bit better shape! I still got sweaty and tired though. I can’t wait to keep this in my rotation.

20120627-NOW 003

Since it was a super nice day outside, I put on my favorite skirt and headed out for some walking to get some errands done. I sent off the one year anniversary giveaway winner’s package and headed to the beauty supply store for more nail polish! I am obsessed. I’ve never been a nail polish girl and now I find it a whole new world. ~.^


When I got back home it was after noon so I was pretty hungry for lunch. I decided to be smart and had a healthy meal of asparagus and potato salad with a Dr. Praeger’s California burger topped with salsa.

I made sure to leave room for a little treat! A glass of skim milk and two of those delectable Safeway Select’s Earl Grey Lemon Shortbread cookies. Holy yum. I enjoyed them while I watched The Killing and painted my nails “Toast the Couple” coral. ^_^

20120627-NOW 012

Eventually, much later in the afternoon I got hungry again. I thought about cookies and trail mix and then decided to keep it healthy. I love banana and peanut butter anyway!

20120627-NOW 013

Around 7pm, Chase and I finally heated up some dinner. Sorry this photo is so awful, that monitor is taking up all of my desk. Leftover thai food on top of steamed green beans.

20120627-NOW 014

I ordered my pad see yew a 3 out of 5 stars in the “heat” department and found it to be a tad too much for me. After finishing it, I needed something to cool my mouth down, stat! Good thing I had these Mango Mochi Ice Cream Balls from TJ’s in the freezer. ^_^

20120627-NOW 015

Later as Chase and I enjoyed our “Friday night”, I sipped on a glass of Blue Fin Sirah. Meh, not very good but I did only pay $3.99 for it. =P I’ll learn one of these days.

I hope you all had a great day!


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