I apologize for this post being a day late, but last night I ended up passing out in my book before 10pm. I feel like I ate awfully yesterday though, so I’d like to dissect my food photos and why not take you all along for the ride.

20120625-NOW 001

I had the opening shift at Starbucks so that meant a early morning quick breakfast of whole wheat toast with raw honey (simply amazing! If you live in Missoula please go down to the Clark Fork Market and pick up some Wustner Bros. honey! Tell them I sent you.), crunchy peanut butter, ground flax, and banana. With milk. ❤ I love this breakfast but I feel like I am falling back on big amounts of nut butters again. Delicious and holds me over but really calorie dense and high in fat.


I had a gorgeous walk to work. I love how light it is now. Check out this awesome wave/cloud that was descending on Safeway as I arrived.


Around 9pm I had a huge snack of: tall nonfat iced latte with caramel drizzle and a banana and more peanut butter. I never get lattes because they are so expensive and while this was decent, I think I need to keep it a once in awhile splurge. I also think I’m eating way too many bananas and way too much peanut butter! Must find new snack foods!

Once I walked home from work I was determined not to miss my workout today. Since I was unsure of our evening plans I laced up and hit the gym for a 60 minute hill stationary bike ride before lunch. Nice and sweaty. Then I showered and was ready for food!

20120625-NOW 002

And boy was I craving “bacon”. To go with my two strips of “bacon” I reheated steamed maple collard greens and asparagus and potato salad. For a sweet note, I had a Orange Vanilla Chobani Champion. These are really growing on me!

Next I sat around and read for hours, waiting to hear from Steph about hanging out today.

20120625-NOW 003

And that’s when I really really failed in my book. I somehow started snacking on Treasure Trove Trail Mix and ended up eating two of the mini cups pictured. So much it made me feel pretty ill. =/ I accept that this is still a trigger food and need to stop being stupid around it! That said, I’ve portioned out the rest of the giant bag into 1/4 cup baggies. I should have done this first thing.

Steph, Sam, and I ended up meeting for a little foodie fun of Trader Joe’s and Uwajimaya shopping. It was so fun to be with like minded people getting excited over food. ^_^ I’m so glad they were able to visit and I can’t wait to see more of them in Montana!

20120625-NOW 004

For dinner, I ended up making one of my purchases: Trader Joe’s Mushroom & Herb Risotto. I’ve always wanted to make risotto since my obsession with all things Chef Gordon Ramsey (anyone else?) so this boxed one sounded doable. Sadly, it’s not vegetarian (there’s chicken fat in the powder! Gross!) but I ended up eating it anyway. I topped it with some sautéed spinach and two more bacon slices. ^_^

20120625-NOW 007

For dessert, Chase and I ate these black sesame dango! These were my favorite kind in Japan, so when I saw them at Uwajimaya I knew I had to have them. Sadly, they paled in the comparison to the fresh ones I’d experienced. In fact, there was hardly any flavor at all. But I’d paid about $5 for this little package so eat them we did. =/

I was soo tired yesterday evening but Chase made us stick to our workout plans. At about 8pm we hit up our little fitness center. I only made it through 11  minutes of interval running though before I couldn’t lift my legs anymore. Instead, I worked on the weight machines and my arms feel nice and sore today. Turns out my body isn’t ready for biking and running in one day.

Help me out, what are some good healthy snacks you enjoy?


2 thoughts on “Dissecting

  1. light Tj’s string cheese. Always my go to. Fresh mango with chili powder and salt. Almond milk with cereal( I know you do the cereal thing) corn tortilla with cheese for a little quesadilla. Cucumber slices with fresh lemon, chili powder and salt. When I snack I really just try to keep it refreshing and I drink lots of water with it.
    I dont think you eat too many bananas! Enjoy it… I have a major love for nut butters but I know how fattning they are although healthy, what I do is allow myself 1 tsp, if I absolutely feel the need to have more I allow myself to have 1 more tsp. That usually works for me, I also do that with trail mix 1 tbsp at a time. Please don’t beat your self up, its all about learning from our experiences and reflecting on how we can do better. I remind myself everyday it’s just food!!!

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