The Bee’s

Today has been a whirlwind of a day! And it started way too damn early..all for nothing. You see I planned to get my workout in early this morning only to find again that someone had locked the 24 hour gym door. –_- I was livid and even talked to the temp receptionist about it. She tried to prove me wrong that it wasn’t open 24 hours…I couldn’t believe it. I wanted to say “You’ve been working here…a few weeks right? Guess who lives here genius.” Anyway I just checked the door and it’s unbolted so at least I found the culprit and can workout tomorrow morning! (END RANT)

20120623-NOW 003

Breakfast of blueberry oats topped with Dark Chocolate PB and toasted hazelnuts. Homemade iced coffee. Deliciousness.

20120623-NOW 004

Next I did a 10 minute Daily Arm Workout App while I watched this giant slug move across our window. Gross right?


Before work started I grabbed a tall iced coffee with no sweetener and room so I could add in my own lemon creamer. I’m loving this Stevia!


Lunch at work consisted of asparagus and potato salad and blue cheese on top of tender spinach, a mini kind bar, a juicy nectarine, and a Chocolate Vanilla Chobani Champion. The salad was a bit too big but I ate all the rest.

When I got home from work I was determined to still get my workout in. I had my chat with the receptionist then did a sweaty 30 minute treadmill interval workout at 1% incline. I’m determined to get running back into my life.

20120623-NOW 005

After my workout I devoured a perfectly ripe banana (I like them hard and a little green) with some crunchy peanut butter. I’m so glad I ate this too because we didn’t have dinner plans until 7pm…

20120623-NOW 008

At the Dragon fish Asian Café in downtown Seattle!

20120623-NOW 007

We met my old lab partner and friend, Steph and her new boyfriend Sam! They are visiting from Missoula, MT and are the cutest couple. He’s a bee keeper(!) and she’s a Natural History major. ❤ Can’t you see them keeping their bees together?

20120623-NOW 016

Of course Steph in all her sweetness brought me goodies all the way from MT! A GIANT bag of my favorite trail mix, Treasure Trove, from the Good Food Store and two raw honeys from Sam’s bees! I can’t wait to try them. (Trail Mix was snacked on on the road home tonight….>.>)

20120623-NOW 009

But back to dinner: we started with a round of cocktails! I went with the Mandarin Dragon Mojito: cruzan silver rum, fresh lime, thai basil, mint, orange. topped with soda. Mmm mmm. This is pretty much the only thing I liked about this restaurant.

20120623-NOW 010

We also shared togarashi spiced vegetable chips which were okay but a bit too spicy and greasy for me.

20120623-NOW 011

Plus a smorgasbord of sushi! I ate 4-5 avocado pieces

20120623-NOW 012

and 3 of these lemongrass crusted tofu. Very mediocre and over priced.

20120623-NOW 013

I definitely had room for dessert! We walked a few blocks and ended up at Gelatiamo. I got pistachio and “fruits of the forest” in a waffle cone. The fruit one was only so so but the  pistachio one was holy amazing. So subtle and creamy. ❤

20120623-NOW 014

It was a gorgeous and fun filled evening and I had such a lovely time catching up with Steph. I really miss having a good friend close enough to whisper with. Hopefully I’ll be seeing a little more of her for the few days she’s here.

Must jump in bed now. Goodnight!


3 thoughts on “The Bee’s

  1. That slug is gnarly!! That would have scared the crap out of me if I saw it first thing in the morning! Your Gelato looks fabulous! I have been craving it for a week must get some asap! Have fun!!

    • I really tried not to freak when I saw the slug because there was nothing I could do about it! The scary thing was is that it was between the window and the outside screen so I was worried it was going to get in somehow! I’m pretty sure it went back out since I haven’t seen it since but I’ve made the kitties promise not to eat it should it appear…

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